Perhaps if I got the answers to some questions things would be clearer.

Sonya:    Why?

Colin:       Why did you tell your grandmother that “she should see the things I am sending to your mother” when you knew that it wasn’t being sent from my computer, it was being stolen from my computer?  Every conversation with you has included a clue.  I haven’t tried to make you slip up.  I didn’t want to cause you to do something [implicating your mother] that you would feel guilty about for the rest of your life.

Colin:        Why did you come to the house and pull into the driveway and not get out of the car?  And then why did you lie about it later on?  I guess you didn’t know I was inside watching you because I had just started parking my car in the garage.  A neighbor also noticed.  You didn’t get out of the car.  You lied.  You didn’t knock on the front door.  You lied.  You didn’t check the mailbox for your football tickets.  You lied.  Coincidentally, the wireless router was reset and reprogrammed locking me out of it again.  Who provided the program you executed from the car?

Brennan:  Why did you not come back home?  What did they tell you that would keep you away for years?  I remember discussing parental alienation and using Colin as an example of how your mother had done it to him.  

Officer Dougherty:   One of the people responsible for the surveillance called you and confessed on August 8, 2007.  That was revealed when you showed up that morning.  Why are you covering for their crime?  Why did you fake the paperwork?  You re-wrote it and it is obvious you needed to add that one sentence after you finished. You squeezed it in.    You showed my brother the picture that was given to you of my computer screen.  You proved you knew who was behind it, and you still did the wrong thing.  Why?

Officer Dougherty:  When you knew the truth, how could you accuse me of setting the whole thing up in the days after I was released from MCES?

Officer Dougherty:  Why can’t I get the Police Report?

Chief Brady:  Why is it that the case is still under investigation?  and will never be closed?  and as such you will not release the police report?

Sonya: Why have you spent more on seeking child support than you will collect over the 2 year period?  Oh yea, your lawyer said it your hinder me financially.  [ Note to Angst & Angst:  I have been hindered.   I hope to do the same for you.  ]

Judge Del Ricci:  Now tell me again, why you don’t like me or anything about me.  You made it clear when you shouted it in Feb 2008 in the elevator at the courthouse?  But we had only met an hour before.  And YOU refused to look at the financial paperwork.  THEN, you had your staff cancel all conferences in child support so that you might handle them.  They did.  Then followed it up with rescheduling the conference so many times I didn’t even know it was a hearing when I got there. And YOU DIDN’T KNOW THERE WAS NO COURT ORDER FOR WHICH I COULD BE IN CONTEMPT.  But you ignored me,  humiliated me and threw me in jail anyway.  What did Bob Angst run into your chambers to tell you when I stepped out of the courtroom?  [  I bet it had something to do with what he saw on my computer. ]

Judge Del Ricci:  Why did you conspire with the county detectives to prevent me from pressing charges for the breaking and entering, vandalism, theft, and poisoning of my dog? 

Judge Del Ricci:  Why did you conspire with the Townhip Ppolice to prevent them from filing the chartges as well?

Judge Del Ricci:  Why did you apologize from the bench to Sonya Healy if she feared that I would be permitted to press charges for the crime?

Judge Del Ricci:  Why did you reward her for the crime by letting her keep things?

Judge Del Ricci:   Why did you let yourself get conned into a position which will not permit you to do your job?  

Judge Del Ricci:  Why did you place yourself swuarely in the center of the conspiracy and announce it from the bench – albeit ‘off the record’.

Sara Goren:  Why did you lie and cancel the conference on March 25, 2008?  And additionally lie that there was no way of contacting me when my phone number was on the cover sheet.  And additionally ignore my request to reschedule quickly – even with another master – as I had already waited 3 months for that conference date – and hadn’t seen my son in 9 months.  It would seem your family emergency didn’t impact your other appointments that day.  The family emergency you completely forgot about when we met in October 2008.  And the note that Angst & Angst called and requested that it be placed back on YOUR schedule caused it to be delayed 2 months more.  And then there is the complete ommission from your report of every issue raised in the May 2008 meeting.  Another thing you couldnt seem to explain.

Judge Tilson:  Why did you completely disregard that I am Brennan’s father when you issed a order compelling me to allow him to leave the country?  Without any information from me?  Without any urgency necessitated in their petition?  Without any follow up hearing afterwards?  Without any opportunity to be heard?  

The whole courthouse was referring to me as the dad who wanted to prevent his son from a nice vacation.  When in reality, I was the dad trying to be a father to his son in spite of all of the roadblocks and hurdles in my way.  Does the courthouse totally forget Claudia Librett?   She gets to see her child more than I get to see mine.  Why is that?

Judge Del Ricci:  Now tell me again why you had me take Brennan to Dr Belletierre and then do nothing further?

Judge Del Ricci:  Please remind me why you believe I was causing all of these events? When it is clearly not the case.  You’ve got everything backwards… you are blaming the victim of your actions for your actions… kind of the same problem Meg Weideman has with me.

Judge Del Ricci:  Why did you force me to open my home for inspection to the person who filed a completely fraudulent contempt petition?  There was no damage to the home.  But there was supposed to be – the devices placed around the house would have had a destructive person tearing holess in the walls to find them.  And as she was killing the dog, the floors were never cleaner because of his kidney failure ‘puddles’ requiring constant cleaning of the hardwood floors she claimed I was destroying.  Max never ‘went’ on the carpets.  When he couldn’t get outside, he went the the floor which cleaned the easiest.

Judge Del Ricci:  Why is it you seemed so surprised to find out I had a 15 year career at Unisys Corporation?And 7 more years handling the technology accounts at Henkels & McCoy.  responsible for the technicians who were building the internet for UUNET and Worldcomm.  Perhaps they didn’t tell you that the ‘crazy paranoid spy guy’ that you had been mocking for months had experience in each of the technologies being used against him.   Oh yes, they had told you I sit around the house playing computer games – you mentioned it in our first conference.  I had no idea where you got that ridiculous idea, because I’m not a gamer.


…. more questions  soon…



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