Sonya Healy went to see a lawyer about a divorce.  What they planned and executed over the last two years has left the family in turmoil.   I have been destroyed professionally, financially and personally.  I have been harassed and terrorized.  There has not been a moment where their attacks have lessened.

Sonya had software installed on my computers to spy on me as she planned for divorce.  I discovered the software and reported it to the software company… who denied it was theirs.   Weeks later, I proved it was WebWatcher by Awareness Technologies.

At that point, things went from bad to worse…

She abducted our youngest son and prevented him from being around the house. “It wasn’t safe.”   She was right, because she was the one causing it to be unsafe.  The best way to cover illegal surveillance is to have the government cover your tracks by doing undercover investigations.  Local Police, FBI, DEA…

She has the local police respond to another false report.  They act improperly on August 8, 2007, even though the person who hacked the computers just confessed to them by filing a report.    Police refuse to give any information because they locked me up to cover for a hacker when they knew I was telling them the truth.

At some point, the FBI becomes involved.  the only thing is they have told me in July 2007 that they won’t investigate… so I am left to do it myself.  As I discover more and more evidence of the surveillance, I report it to the FBI.  Who after 6 months of my reports believes I am taunting them because THEY ARE DOING THE SURVEILLANCE.

County Detectives are a complete farce.   Three detectives and not one of them does anything.  They do not even look at any of the mounting evidence.   No explanation for their inaction.  But they do meet with the judge and local police to make sure that the issues doesn’t get to court.   It is a conspiracy when all of the parties involved get together and conspire to do nothing.  It doesn’t much matter if the judge mocks the crazy paranoid spy guy for thinking it a conspiracy.  And the judge has announced it from the bench, and apologized to the woman who has caused the turmoil.

When we finally encounter the Custody Master, she is totally biased.  I walked into her office with three boxloads of proof of every statement on 9 pages of custody issues.  Not one issue made her report.  Then I am told by the President Judge of the County that apparently she made a credability judgement.  I have none.  Why?  As Sonya has said nothing in the conference in  May 2008, I wonder who wrote the report filed by the Custody Master.  I wonder why she is suggesting I wait a few weeks to decide if I want to go before the judge.  It has been almost a year since I had a relationship with my son.  After waiting since December 2007 for the May 2008 conference, why would she suggest waiting a few more weeks before scheduling this before a judge.  Her her only possible reason for doing so would be that she knew of the plan to remove my son from the country to avoid a custody hearing.    When asked about this she became confused and unable to explain her report or her suggestion.  She delayed her decision anyway.

Meanwhile, the judges are also having ex parte conversations with everyone but me.  They issue orders without hearings with complete disregard for the truth.   One judge denies due process without explanation and throws me in jail for contempt of a court order that wasn’t even made a court order yet.   The next denies my parental rights and orders me to let my son go to Europe or face jail.  Based on their total fraud, without any hearing or conference, without any opportunity to respond.  And I’d be locked up before they would ever get around to recognizing that it is a direct violation of the Hague Convention.  Yet another judge still  disregards a conference that does take place and answers questions.  This judge  issues orders to attach my mother’s bank account at Thanksgiving.  This sets up the opportunity to harass me further.

No judge has explained the rule of law that was applicable in any of the above situations.  I had asked repeatedly and sent letters and documentation in December 2008.  Efforts have been ignored.

A custody modification was requested in December 2007.  That has been continued and delayed.  It still hasn’t happened.  Meanwhile, my son has been forced to abandon his entire family.  He is alone.  His brother is away at school.  His mother at work.  He isn’t permitted to see or talk to my side of the family.  His grandparent’s both died this year a few months apart.  He is prevented from communication and contact with his father. 

How does a mother make a son abandon his father and family?  THE ONLY EXPLANATION.  She tells him about the illegal things she had planned with her lawyer.  If he accidentally slips and reveals information to his father, she’ll be in jail.  If he slips and tells anyone anything, he risks the blame for puttingh his mother in jail.  As such, he is alone.  There is no escape for him.  Even though he thinks the custody issue will end in Summer 2009, he’ll still have to keep the secret.  Sonya has placed both children at the center of her divorce.  He is protecting his mother AND everyone she has manipulated.  He sees what ‘they’ are doing to his father and fears that if he were to return home they would do it to him.

I have been trying to have the court order visitation or shared physical custody, so that if my son were to slip it wouldn’t be his responsibiility.  He wouldn’t feel like he voluntarily put himself in a positon to slip up.

(BTW, everyone reveals they are involved and aware.  EVERYONE.  In each conversation they provide clues.   As such, there are strict orders to not communicate with me. )

And whatever it is they are whispering around the courthouse… well what do you mean it wasn’t true?  We’ve been treating this man like dirt for 2 years and it was a false report?  He isn’t guilty of anything of the sort?  Each is now covering for their improper actions or that of the others.  Court personnel, county detectives, district attorney, the local police, the FBI… 

Any lawyer who would take my case would be committing career suicide.  There won’t be any working with all of the court personnel they would be prosecuting.  Their fees would leave the client in poverty.  They would be responding to excessive volumes of trivial, petty and fraudulent petitions.

How does this one guy persevere with all of these people working against him?  discrediting him?  humiliating him? trying to destroy him? harassing him? terrorizing him?  I have the truth on my side.   The truth has not been permitted to be heard above the choas.  It will still be the truth in a few days, a few months, a few years.  The truth will always be the truth.

Destroyed personally, professionally and financially.  Falsely imprisoned.  Humiliated.  Involuntarily commited.  The family pet murdered.  Slandered and derided by those in authority.  When you tell someone what is going on, no one wants to believe.  The story is overwhelming.  Living through it is no life at all.  With the truth on my side, I still have my dignity.

The chaotic tactics of Angst & Angst have prevented anyone from getting a view of the whole situation.  Except for one person.  The target.   The victim.   The survivor.

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