Seems my every effort to resolve any qwuestion or to prepare to present a defense is being met with chaos. It seems they never imagined I would do such a thing. Where would they get that idea? They aren’t handling their own chaos very well.

“If you can keep your head while all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you.”

I can. Every day.

The people who use this chaos as intimidation and distraction tactics can’t comprehend… It’s been like that everyday since 2007.

I can keep my head while all about me are losing theirs and blaming it on me. I call that Thursday, …or everyday.

Truth is strong.

Their lies and tactics to overwhelm… not so powerful.

Terror tactics to negotiate a plea deal. I don’t negotiate with terrorists.
I know they are capable of three years of nightmarish terror harassment and threats. Their prosecution is far more violent than the crimes they allege. After three years, they want to drop the charges and want a plea deal? After three years of hell? Ridiculous. A court without jurisdiction has no boundary; it has only the violent power of a bully.

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