Hon. William R. Carpenter February 1, 2018
Court of Common Pleas
Montgomery County
Norristown, PA 19404
  A voice mail indicates an Order for
RE: #3151-2015 appearance in Court tomorrow

The Defendant has no transportation to the courthouse on such short notice. Hearings require notice. He is attempting to prepare a defense for the trial which has been scheduled with haste after three years of perpetual delays and bench warrant threats. ALL issues presented to the Court remain neglected.

The Defendant has been receiving reports of the District Attorneys Office communicating with witnesses for the Defense.

The Defendant had called attention to the necessity of a FORMAL ARRAIGNMENT, and was ignored.

The Defendant had called attention to the necessity of a PRE-TRIAL CONFERENCE, and was ignored.

The Defendant had called attention to the necessity of the file from the Public Defender, and was ignored. The Defendant reminds the court of the egregious injustice which has been ignored.

“There is no great injustice caused by the January 27, 2016 order…”
“having appointed a Public Defender to represent him.” – Judge William R. Carpenter

The Defendant had called attention to the failure to provide Discovery Materials, and was ignored.

The Defendant has kept the court updated and informed of the procedural negligence and deliberate failures to address or resolve any question by the District Attorney’s office, and was ignored.

The Defendant again requests a statement of the Jurisdiction of this court in this matter which the Court has ignored every request, at every proceeding, in every opinion, and on every order.

The lack of jurisdiction having been called to the attention of the parties, the Court and the General Assembly of Pennsylvania which is responsible for the jurisdiction of the Courts. The Defendant requests an answer in this regard: A statement containing the elements of jurisdiction and addressing the defects previously indicated and documented with the Court.

A Court lacking jurisdiction to decide the matter would also lack jurisdiction to recuse from the matter, where the District Attorney has caused the issue perhaps the resignation of the judge is more appropriate.


Terance Healy
…since 2007

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