Against my wishes, strongly worded and indicated on the record, the court insisted I have a lawyer. I could choose to represent myself and the court would appoint a lawyer anyway. I DID. AND IT DID. There would be no defense. Philip Press, Esq. was only there to continue the sabotage after the withdrawal of the against-my-will public defender – who wasted two full years and had nothing in the file. NOTHING.

Imagine the irony that would have occurred had previously assigned Thomas Carluccio continued to represent me? His wife wrote the defective and void order which was prevented from any appeal – The Unappealable Order of Carolyn Carluccio. It’s what made the deed defective. And had he been the one FORCED TO REPRESENT ME AGAINST-MY-WILL and neglecting to challenge it’s validity upon presenting their fraud upon the court. Only a sociopath would appoint Carluccio to represent me. Yes, it happened. Secretly, and then publicly. Oops. He was replaced by Philip Press, Esq. Yes, I knew it was a setup/sabotage. BUT, THERE IS JUST NO STOPPING THEM. I do wonder why they just never do anything the way its supposed to happen. Sociopaths.

I had arrived prepared to present a defense with boxes of documented evidence, with witness lists (which had to be provided to the court in advance BY ORDER), with the strategy to show the events being prosecuted were unrelated to me, and cvompletely outside my control or action, unaware that any of it was occurring.

As the jury entered the courtroom to be selected. The judge caused a MISTRIAL. He instructed the entire group it was a terrorist trial.
Things were not going to get any better.

AND SO …. THEN, their court appointed Lawyer failed to present ANY defense, I was found guilty of 7 counts.

Not one witness for the defense was presented to address the facts of the case.
Not one government official – all were told to ignore by the DA.
Not one court document showing the lawful attempts to resolve the matter.
They were all prepared, copied, in the courtroom, on the table. But, PHILIP PRESS ESQ, the against-my-will-court-appointed lawyer would not present it. (Less than zealous representation, barely adequate.)

I never had a chance to defend. The CONSTITUTIONAL right to defend yourself in a criminal prosecution – NOT AVAILABLE. No rule of law. No Rights. (Not since 2007.)

After listening to ten police officers talk about two unexcitable words constantly… for a full day… never indicating any crime occurred. Much ado about nothing. But a whole shitload of much ado. All of these officers testifying that no crime occurred. Why? Something has top seem weird. There was no crime. They kept saying it.

AND IN THE MOMENT OF TRUTH, THE FRAUDULENT DEED WAS PRESENTED TO THE COURT BY THE PROSECUTION… AND CHALLENGED. The opportunity which could make it all go away, the nightmare end, and restore my life. They had oopsed. But, the judge neglected to address the void and defective deed. Presented by the prosecution. They knowingly committed a fraud upon the court. My against-my-will-court-appointyed attorney failed to raise the issue. I filed it with the court. He continued his neglect. I told him it needed to be challenged while properly before the court in proceeding where it was being presented as valid. A hearing would be MANDATED, NOT DISCRETIONARY, would have to occur to address the defective deed. STRIKE IT. FINALLY REMOVE IT FROM THE HAVOC IT HAS CAUSED MY LIFE.

Clearly, the against-my-will-court-appointed lawyer was neglecting a responsibility for the client. I had anticipated the opportunity. I figured their attention to detail would miss it. I had the documents ready top go as soon as the deed would be presented as an exhibit.

He had been established to prevent any defense from being presented, and he was in place to avoid addressing the deed.
He made bad excuses. He was wrong. I told him to do it. He refused. He scheduled a meeting before court – an hour early. Then failed to show up.

He had me making copies through most of the night last night. Yet, never presented anything.

The jury came back with guilty on all three counts.

Then. The prosecutor added four more and the judge said guilty. No explanation of what they were either. The charges were never explained. There had been No Arraignment.

Did the jury wonder why there was no defense presented?
Did the jury wonder why Todd Krautheim was not permitted speak to all of the events to support my defense?
(When he mentioned the Recorder of Deeds, he was silenced.)
Did the jury wonder why no one said anything to defend me?
Did the jury think I had nothing more to say than indicate it was a three year malicious prosecution based on two words?
Had IO presented what occurred “A prosecution more violent and threatening than the reported crime.” there may have been sympathy.
Did the jury truly think I had committed crimes? How? Why?
No one indicated that I committed any crime? Just the repeated false assertions of the prosecutor. And a 45 minute diatribe of lies as her closing argument. Did the jury not know the prosecutor is permitted to lie in opening and closing arguments? (IT’S NOT EVIDENCE.)

Hearing her lie about me was incomprehensible – no matter how many time this person who didn’t know me would spew the lies, it never made any sense. She suggested two words were the basis of my state of mind. Not sentences or paragraphs. Words. Even where motivation was written, it was twisted into something false. Why? Why would I post false intentions in support of my action? That’s stupid. (If you wonder why she would lie? So do I? WHY DID SHE? Her prosecution was far more violently motivated than ANYTHING I have ever said or done. Didn’t the jury see that?)

I never got to present any defense. If they read the site, they will learn why.

The guilty verdict cut to my core.
I asked the lawyer if it all goes away when the judge reviews the defective and void deed they presented.
He said the judge won’t do it.

They are seeking a 5 year sentence.

I persevere… but after 12 years of injustice so twisted, I wish I could escape the death penalty that was the result of my divorce.

Yes, I persevere. I hope. And I live another day to endure further terror and harassment intentionally delivered by people who just won’t leave me be. They created this whole incident. It has ruined my life for three full years. Yet, I was accused of their criminal acts – harassment and stalking.

I have no choice but to persevere. Knowing they will get to the killing of me yet. The jury heard nothig of the murder attempts and the fake suicide intervention in Warrington. Seems Warrington, where POLICE CHIEF JAMES MILLER worked and where this criminal charge originated… was NOT discussed. Nothing about the assault by Warrington police last April. The fake suicide intervention. The Warrington Supervisors weren’t allowed to be witnesses. (But, No one was.)

PREVENTED FROM PRESENTING A DEFENSE IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM. Yes, that’s what happened. The nightmare continues.

What’s Next? Retrial for Mistrial? Appeal?
Petition for Hearing on the Fraud Upon The Court?
Supreme Court Kings Bench exposure of their unconstitutional “RULES” having prevented all constitutional rights.

The only way out is thru… and they just don’t ever want me out from their hell.

For christ’s sake… if I was intending to harass and stalk someone I’d have been direct. Having people tell you that any ordinary word frightens them is just ridiculous. Even when there is someone trying to get you to believe it.

Losing eight years of my life for two words, is just fucking stupid.
A three year prosecution where THEY were more violent in the prosecution. But, the jury never heard that. I have five copies of it all for the next trial.

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