Hon. William R. Carpenter January 10, 2018
Court of Common Pleas
Montgomery County
Norristown, PA 19404
  Request for Acknowledgment
RE: #3151-2015 of Notice of Appeal filed 1/9/2018

Defendant respectfully requests the acknowledgment of receipt and awareness of the Notice of Appeal filed in this matter.

Defendant advises the court that this matter has been completely and absolutely neglected by the Public Defender Office, Dean Beers, and the entire office. The contempt of the Public Defender has been indicated in documents filed with the court.

Defendant is not represented in this matter and has been prevented from self-representation.

The situation having been created by an allegation of incompetence by the District Attorney, unfounded and not adjudicated, yet granted to the detriment of the Defendant. Dismissed from review on Appeal to the Superior Court. The Public Defender office refuses to communicate regarding to the actions in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. They will not provide any paperwork.

Concern for the further involvement, incursion and interference by law enforcement already entangled in a quagmire after a violent and aggressive false suicide intervention by Warrington Township Police in April 2017, necessitates this request for acknowledgment and receipt. That matter is currently being adjudicated in Bucks County. The Hon. Judge James McMasters presiding.

The unnecessary issuance of any bench warrant would further serve to terrify not only myself, but my mother, causing unnecessary fear, and creating neighborhood speculation and gossip. A concern for the safety and security of all involved.

Where the Public Defender, having received the same courtesy copy sent to judge’s chambers yesterday, may not have opened it or read it – following the instruction of the Public Defender Dean Beer to neglect and NOT TO READ any document in this matter. Brie Halfond, the Public Defender who has filed an appearance in the matter has had no contact. Any statement by a deliberately negligent and uninformed court-appointed Public Defender in this matter would be moot.

For the reasons indicated above I respectfully request acknowledgment of the Notice of Appeal in this matter. I can be contacted at 215-343-1686 and yepTerance@gmail.com.


Terance Healy
…since 2007

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