Jurisdiction is a necessity. Absent jurisdiction a judge has no authority. DELIBERATE INTENTIONAL ACTIONS WITHOUT JURISDICTION CREATES A MALICIOUS FORCE. The judges need not concern themselves about immunity. This POWER is ABSOLUTE. OVER EVERYTHING. It goes unchecked.

Deliberate action without jurisdiction triggers injustice.

WHEN THEY DO IT – a judge acting without jurisdiction becomes an UNSTOPPABLE DESTRUCTIVE FORCE.

Two on the Montgomery County Judiciary, William Carpenter and Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio, have demonstrated this to be true. They have terrorized me EVERYDAY, yes everyday, for years with their psychotic judicial masturbation. Malicious. Evil. Cruel. Unchecked. They create a team where they all participate in the effort. Flipping good people to do bad things. They don’t even need the target in person.

All they need is for something to throw the switch – cause a defect in jurisdiction, or their complete disregard from the on-set.

The problem exists because the Legislature NEVER GETS INVOLVED WITH ISSUES REGARDING THE JUDICIARY. It goes unchecked.

The problem exists because the state Supreme Court IMPROPERLY AND UNCONSTITUTIONALLY affected the “right of the General Assembly to determine the jurisdiction of any court.”

HOW? Rules. Unconstitutional. Improperly enacted. The appeals court indicates they do not have jurisdiction to review the matter. The Legislature had provided it by LAW. Rules instructed you to go away. Come back later. And, then, new rule – It’s too late. Supreme Court wrote those RULES which broke the LAW in contempt of the Legislature and undermined the CONSTITUTION.

The Legislature ignores.
The Governor avoids – OGC lawyers run interference.

Remember when that predator statute of limitations bill was being considered. Chairman of the Judiciary Committee for 30 years had no idea about the Constitution. ??? Obstructed the law. Protected the Predators. Twisted.

The Attorney General was locking up predators at an alarming rate. 1 every other day for 3 years.

Discovering a predator organization being run from within the OAG – under Supreme Court mandated Rule 1.6 silent participation by lawyers, including the Attorney General. Prosecuting the list while the media focused on email. Recognizing that … Pennsylvania Prosecutors Protect Predators. But, there was more in the email than porn and protected predators.

Plenty of litigants have felt the sting of that INTERLOCUTORY excuse which denied them of their rights, or the protection of the laws. Plenty of people lost everything because of the ‘system’.

The problem isn’t that there needed to be a law, or law reform. The problem is that there is NEVER ANY CONSTITUTIONAL REVIEW OF RULES ENACTED BY THE JUDICIARY. Their RULES just do not allow for it.

If the RULES do affect and destroy you (YOU EXPERIENCE THAT YOU HAVE NO RIGHTS. NO ONE’LL BELIEVE IT.), there’s another RULE which prevents lawyers from disclosing what occurred.

There’s the RULE you know is wrong, and RULE 1.6 CONFIDENTIALITY OF INFORMATION to conceal and mandate the silent participation of lawyers in the violation of American’s constitutional rights.

CAROLYN TORNETTA CARLUCCIO called it her ‘unappealable order’. Every minute of every hour of every day of every month, THAT defective and void order has affected and annihilated my life since May 2011 when it was signed. Multiple Appeals, further civil litigation, aggressive false arrest, false prosecution of terrorism, homeless, destitute, isolated, false suicide interventions, …

Don’t believe it exists as a tactic to destroy?
Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane learned of it’s unchecked affect. And before she could take any action, they used it to ON HER. William Carpenter, in the complete absence of ANY jurisdiction, authorized a Special Prosecutor.

No Authority. NONE. No Law to provide him that jurisdiction. Law provides jurisdiction. General Assembly provides law. THERE WAS NO LAW. Yet, the General Assembly also actively participated in the spectacle – they had to know there was NO LAW providing ANY JURISDICTION. Or were those participants the lawyer-legislators? Did anyone intervene? No. UNCHECKED. DESTRUCTIVE. CORRUPTION.

Kathleen Kane was further hindered because, as an attorney, she is not permitted to disclose information which will adversely affect the integrity of the judiciary. Rule 1.6. Even when it is being used to destroy her.

Jurisdiction for the judiciary MUST BE PROVIDED BY LAW. Without the Legislature providing a law providing for the jurisdiction of a court, there is no authority for that court to do anything.

Judge William Carpenter had no authority to make Thomas Carluccio a Special Prosecutor. RULES mandate the Court ignore any lack of jurisdiction. The PA Supreme Court follows their own RULES. Two weeks ago, a Superior Court panel was puzzled when presented THAT question which had been neglected by the Supreme Court. When the court ignores – nobody wins. The twisted claim a victory.

I am not a lawyer. No Rule 1.6 to silence me. CAROLYN CARLUCCIO’s “unappealable order’ and subsequent fraudulent conveyance left a lawful claim on a deed to property which could only be settled upon my demise. I wasn’t dying fast enough. There were several attempts which failed.

Then, they decided to restart things. New Arrest. False charges. Events ENTIRELY created by the police. I was unaware of their ‘investigation’. Their paperwork kind of shows that the police were delivering the threat, and then creating the public disturbance necessary to allege terroristic threat. The crime requires the threat of a violent criminal act, directly or indirectly, for the purpose of disturbing the public order.

When Police started, they delivered the message. They then provided an overwhelming amount of police protection, patrols and support. Constant contact on the day they delivered the message. Weeks later, someone subsequently noticed that ‘repossession’ was NOT a violent criminal act. Not wanting to have wasted their police efforts, reports, overtime, patrols, protecting and serving, etc… they wrote their own violent criminal act ON MY WEB SITE. (When I saw it I deleted it.) They arrested me.

For the last three years, the criminal allegations have hung over my head. I have been given NO OPPORTUNITY TO DEFEND AGAINST THEM. The ADA did say if I relinquish the deed, she would drop the charges. Stupid girl. If coerced under duress to sign anything, my claim would remain valid. They would still need me dead. Their prosecution was more violent than the purported crime.

To silence me in the criminal matter, a lawyer was needed for interference. Then, no filings would be accepted by the Clerk. No hearings. No Laws. No rights. No voice. No escape.

William Carpenter had no authority to decide my incompetence. No Hearing. No Evidence. No rights to be heard. No Notice. Hiding in his chambers, he sent for the Public Defenders, Marone and D’Angelo went in along with (?) Thomas Carluccio (?). Multiple appeals – ignored by rule. Two years have passed… terrorized. EVERYTHING PENDING. My liberty threatened.

A botched false suicide intervention was perpetrated to allow for the suicide they had planned for me. That caused legal problems in Bucks County. It began to involve more and more people. Each silently capitulating and participating. Lawyering up.

Anyone who says they are not trying to trick you IS MOST DEFINITELY TRYING TO TRICK YOU. Their question is an act of self-pleasure… judicial masturbation.

As arbitrarily and capriciously as before, I was found competent. Given a week to prepare a defense or go to jail (Suicide intervention BOTCHED. Prison murder SET.) ONLY A TRUE SOCIOPATH WOULD ASSIGN THOMAS CARLUCCIO TO REPRESENT ME.

Judge William Carpenter is EXACTLY that kind of sociopath. Imagine the giggles it gave them.

My case has not yet gone to trial but has been through Superior Court three (3) times and Supreme Court once. Their court-appointed lawyers will not provide the Supreme Court’s paperwork. Could be affected by the old interlocutory ‘rule’ problem or confidential disciplinary actions. Those court-appointed lawyers won’t even provide my file to me.

The document they indicate as ‘the terroristic threat’…. the people to whom it was actually sent are on my witness list. About 250 of them.

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. Terance Healy #CP-46-CR-0003151-2015
Trial has been scheduled on February 7, 2018
Failure to appear may result in a Court Order or Warrant to compel your testimony in this matter.

Governor Tom Wolf and Pennsylvania Legislature, with legislator-lawyers excused where Rule 1.6 triggers Rule 601(b)(1,2,3 & 4), should enjoy their visit to Judge William Carpenter’s courtroom to bear witness and EXPERIENCE what happens when the Legislature neglects THEIR EXCLUSIVE RESPONSIBILITY REGARDING JURISDICTION OF THE COURTS. The sociopaths are unchecked. CHECK PLEASE!

I saw what he did to Gabriele Drexler. I saw what he did to Kathleen Kane and Patrick Reese. Alleging a crime while preventing ANY defense from being presented. William Carpenter had been left out of the distribution in the letter sent to the Montgomery County Judiciary five years ago. Yes, there’s a history. And, that bold question remains unanswered.

Kathleen Kane was the ONLY person who ever tried to help. Now, the team used to take down the attorney general had twisted their efforts toward me.

I’m not a lawyer. No Rule 1.6 silence for me.

The Worst Kept Secret in Pennsylvania. ROUND TWO! I will not go quietly into the night.

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