A reliance on defective and void Orders lacking any jurisdiction and a Confidentiality law which mandates lawyers non-disclosure.

That statement is precise.

Defective – did not follow law.

Void – a nullity and unenforceable

Jurisdiction – a necessity of ANY court order.

Confidentiality Law – Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information (incorporated by cross-reference throughout the Rules of Professional Conduct.)
The collateral affects of confidentiality undermine the rule of law and all constitutional rights while the lawyers are MANDATED to non-disclosure.
– It is unconstitutional
— It is improperly enacted – Article V Section 10(c)

The Abusive Effect of Rule 1.6 is triggered by injustice, which is kept secret, Confidential, NON-DISCLOSED.

The abuse, absent any Rule of Law, ignorant of any constitutionally protected right, … In my case, everyone silently participated for years.

The secret Order of (#1) Judge Rhonda Lee Daniele undermined the judiciary, the law, the constitutions…
(TRIGGERS RULE 1.6 ABUSE before Defendant ever sees any courtroom.)

(#2) The Hon. Judge Toby Dickman was never affected.
(Footnotes in Orders indicate attempt to provide protection.)

(#3) Judge Ott

(#4) Judge Tilson

(#5) Judge DelRicci – conceals the secret order when identified in his court.

(#6) Judge Bertin

The defective and void Divorce Decree of (#16) Judge Carolyn Tornetta Carluccio – she stifled the appeal – just ignored and neglected

Attempted Enforcement (#17) Judge Haaz does nothing.

Attempted Enforcement (#19) Judge Page provides further abuse.

Attempted Appeal (#20) Judge Austin refuses to participate.

2013 – The Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information. Explained every malicious act and bad actor as a participant in non-disclosure. Unconstitutional affect. The Pennsylvania Supreme Court had no authority to enact the law.
– Improperly enacted and unconstitutional Confidentiality of Information which denied the Rule of Law and prevented EVERY constitutional right.

Yet, they persist.

Chased from the court of (#21) Judge Duffy by an out of control Administrator who interferes with hearing.

Yet, they persist further.

(#21) Judge Duffy neglects procedure and law. clerks falsify computer records.

(#22) Judge Carpenter unable to address, explain or resolve the lack of jurisdiction.

Appeal #1

Appeal #2

Appeal #3

Appeal #3 escalates to Supreme Court.

Without jurisdiction, hearing is ‘ordered’. Appealed 1/9/2018.

When an attorney finds the unconstitutional affect and is affected by it directly, or the client is clearly affected, and where there is nothing they can accomplish to prevent or undo the unconstitutional actions, they have a responsibility as an officer of the court to act to address the unconstitutional law and to prevent its unconstitutional affects.

(This is why Dean Beers, Montgomery County Public Defender, has instructed his office to NOT READ ANYTHING in my case.)

(This is why Kathleen Kane, was secretly ordered by two-unidentified courts to PERSONALLY neglect the responsibilities of the Office of the Attorney general. This is why they took her law license.)

(The efforts to prevent exposure by AG Kane exposed in email exchanged by the Office of the Attorney General. The Doug Gansler Report.)

2015 – A preliminary hearing without waiver of counsel and without colloquoy where it is stated on the record that the litigant wishes to assert his constitutional right to representation, HOWEVER that counsel must be unencumbered by an improperly enacted and unconstitutional mandate of confidentiality which can be demonstrated to deny the rule of law and prevent constitutional rights.

2015 – False Entries into a Government Computer System

The result – the Court of Common Pleas is without jurisdiction and lawyers are mandated to non-disclosure.

Collateral Orders – for example: Bail Orders are defective and void where the law and constitutioanl rights have been ignored.

BUT, Confidentiality prevents everyone from any resolution. And anyone who becomes too informed learns the UNCONSTITUTIONAL affect. Anyone who becomes directly involved becomes INVOLVED in the unconstitutional acts… and obligated to raise the issue… (or feign stupidity)



Hon. William R. Carpenter January 10, 2018
Court of Common Pleas
Montgomery County
Norristown, PA 19404
  Request for Acknowledgment
RE: #3151-2015 of Notice of Appeal filed 1/9/2018

Defendant respectfully requests the acknowledgment of receipt and awareness of the Notice of Appeal filed in this matter.

Defendant advises the court that this matter has been completely and absolutely neglected by the Public Defender Office, Dean Beers, and the entire office. The contempt of the Public Defender has been indicated in documents filed with the court.

Defendant is not represented in this matter and has been prevented from self-representation.

The situation having been created by an allegation of incompetence by the District Attorney, unfounded and not adjudicated, yet granted to the detriment of the Defendant. Dismissed from review on Appeal to the Superior Court. The Public Defender office refuses to communicate regarding to the actions in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. They will not provide any paperwork.

Concern for the further involvement, incursion and interference by law enforcement already entangled in a quagmire after a violent and aggressive false suicide intervention by Warrington Township Police in April 2017, necessitates this request for acknowledgment and receipt. That matter is currently being adjudicated in Bucks County. The Hon. Judge James McMasters presiding.

The unnecessary issuance of any bench warrant would further serve to terrify not only myself, but my mother, causing unnecessary fear, and creating neighborhood speculation and gossip. A concern for the safety and security of all involved.

Where the Public Defender, having received the same courtesy copy sent to judge’s chambers yesterday, may not have opened it or read it – following the instruction of the Public Defender Dean Beer to neglect and NOT TO READ any document in this matter. Brie Halfond, the Public Defender who has filed an appearance in the matter has had no contact. Any statement by a deliberately negligent and uninformed court-appointed Public Defender in this matter would be moot.

For the reasons indicated above I respectfully request acknowledgment of the Notice of Appeal in this matter. I can be contacted at 215-343-1686 and yepTerance@gmail.com.


Terance Healy
…since 2007

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