This afternoon, those “two fraudulent forged documents which has kept this nightmare in play” were explained. The data was entered even though it was false because otherwise the system wouldn’t move the case to the higher court.

I looked at the honest persons and indicated I understood. I asked for the identity of the person who entered the data. Then, they both admitted there were no documents. The entries were false. They knew that. They knew why.

The system won’t forward the case to the higher court without those entries. WHAT WHAT WHAT?

WHY? In written statements filed with the court and verbal statements which documented in the transcripts, The Defendant had asserted his constitutional right for representation. Aware of the affect of Rule 1.6, he indicated his desire for legal representation unencumbered by an improperly enacted and unconstitutional confidentiality which would serve to undermine representation and cause further injustice.

The US Constitution does not allow the interference of an improperly enacted and unconstitutional state law mandating confidentiality by lawyers which CAUSED THE DENIAL OF PROTECTED RIGHTS.

Not a lawyer game, or backwoods tactic. Sincere assertion of the recognition of the affect of Confidentiality in prior experiences.

The false data was entered to cause the case to move along. They failed to recognize that the system was protecting the Constitutional rights of the Defendant. The system knows the requirement by law and constitution and has been programmed accordingly.

Entry of incorrect data into government systems is a crime. I felt bad for these two. Clueless, not hostile. Confident in their actions. No sense of responsibility or empathy. They had no clue what they have done to my life, or the law, or constitutional rights. I thanked them for their honesty. I didn’t have the heart to tell them what they did to me.

I asked them to give my regards to the Judge. There had been multiple continuances BECAUSE OF CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. I recall her capitulating and the pressure to get the case to the Common Pleas court. I told her that she lacked jurisdiction. The system indicated problems which needed to be addressed. They ignored all the signs.

On whose authority? They never said. Once done. There is no turning back. The victim of injustice loses all protection of the law and all rights. Exactly what happened. AND I HAD TOLD THEM IT WOULD.

Several times in 2015, I had contacted the court seeking a statement of jurisdiction from the judge. I was told, they could not provide anything as the case had been moved to the Common Pleas court. WRONG ANSWER. The Obligation rests in that court.

Constitutional rights were dismissed, disregarded since March 2015. The Common Pleas court and the DA and staff and the Public Defender and staff neglected to correct the error. They were told repeatedly. They knew the truth. THEY CHOSE NOT TO ACT.


In America, a single injustice occurs, however, the confidentiality mandated of all lawyers prevents resolution of that injustice. Instead, the person loses all protection of law and finds all constitutionally protected rights are ignored. An unconstitutional situation caused by a law mandated of lawyers, enacted by the Supreme Court of each state, not written by any legislature, not signed by any governor, and unable to be reviewed for constitutionality by the judiciary which is mandated to maintain confidentiality regarding their own action which enacted the law. Presented to the courts in every state by The American Bar Association, they hold the judiciary hostage while interfering with the entire system of justice.

Now,three years of constant terror and threat ( and hacks and surveillance) and three appeals to Superior Court and one appeal to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania later…

They had removed my voice, by assigning a Public Defender, without hearing, and against the wishes of the Defendant. The Public Defender did nothing. No meeting, no discussion, no review, no motions, neglected and sabotaged the appeals, failing to respond to communications by the Defendant.

They know they can’t have a hearing. No jurisdiction. Instead, they intend to lock me up on a pretend bail violation… and then never get to that hearing. Imagine having to sit and wait for a hearing they have no jurisdiction to conduct … waiting in a jail cell from which I cannot be released without adversely affecting the integrity of the court.

Rule 1.6 was sighted in Bucks County.
The PA Supreme Court is about to witness twisted corruption in Montgomery County that will require their immediate attention.

BTW, the Bail Order is no consequence. It is unenforceable. If the law is abided.



Today. In Bucks County. I won.

Showing coersion and intimidation of my lawyer by county officials as the true reason behind his Petition to Withdraw.

The lawyers petition sought to blame me – an email. Two different versions failed to address the true reason. They sought to remove the entire Public Defender Office from representation. They had been instructed by the Commissioners they were done.

My petition was unencumbered by Rule 1.6 Confidentiality. I had the truth and the statement of the Commissioners of their responsibility in the removal of the Public Defender. I indicated the threats and intimidation experienced.

The timing being immediately after exposure in court of the inital point of failure where the team violating law and rights would grow very quickly.

Rule 3.3 Candor to the Tribunal was excused by Rule 1.6 Confidentiality
– it wasn’t the email that initiated the withdrawal
– it was the direction of the County Commissioners.
– Commissioners admitted this on December 6, 2017
– Incomplete truth is not Candor

Rule 1.6 can affect every Rule, every Law, every Constitutional right. Rule 1.6 can conceal truth without regard for consequences which can collaterally affect litigants.

The judge reviewed the information carefully never making the attorneys state the true reason.

My Response was thorough.

The judge indicated that county officials cannot affect the cases of attorneys.

Withdrawal DENIED!

You may not have even noticed that Rule 1.6 fell to the truth., It was still abided by the Attorneys, but it was exposed and lost. Prevented from affecting my constitutional right to representation.

Interference with representation EXPOSED. Affect of Privileged Confidentiality EXPOSED. Truth EXPOSED.

They had blamed me. Indicating an email from me as the reason.

“If you can keep your head when all around you are losing theirs and blaming it on you.”

Justice is here.

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