I answered the door in April 2017.

I was woken, ambushed, beaten, abducted, stripped and held for days without any consequence to the police who did it while violating the laws and the Constitutions and creating liabilities for all other organizations and people they involved.


The unscrupulous, unethical, and widely-hated, Bruce Castor, former DA, former blink-and-you’ll-miss-it PA Attorney General,  had indicated who ‘controls the ink’.  His NYE manifesto was precise and accurate.

I will be in court on Tuesday and Friday because they had conspired to have my murder appear to be a suicide.  They failed.

They?  They are everyone in law enforcement and government to whom I have turned to for help. EVERYONE. Every person to whom I turned since 2007 has been revealed as PARTICIPATING.

I have been turning to the people responsible for terrorizing me to stop THEMSELVES!(?). They have not stopped.

They continue. Evidence of this will be presented in court on Tuesday in Norristown.

They threaten anyone who makes any move to help. Evidence of this will be presented in court on Friday in Doylestown.  They destroyed the Pennsylvania Attorney General.  Then, we elected Josh Shapiro to Attorney General.  Josh had already long been a member of THEY as county commissioner.

The list is growing exponentially.  Is there safety in numbers when everyone is threatened to continue their participation in a corruption which undermines every person and every organization involved.

It is my hope that someone takes an action to move this nightmare towards a resolution, towards justice, and towards the restoration of my rights.  My situation could happen to ANYONE.  

This started with a divorce lawyer advising my wife to commit crimes in 2007 and providing a fake court order to cover it up. The never-ending false allegations have ensnared everyone compelling their participaton.

One divorce should not involve the ENTIRE Montgomery County judiciary. The Secret order of Judge Rhonda Lee Daniele caused exactly that. I have never even seen the monster who annihilated my family. I have survived the farce which she started in 2007.  …  and which she perpetuates still.

THEN (December 31, 2014)

Do people really NOT see that it is the lawyers in the media who are the ones baiting the police and the public?

Every injustice, every corruption, every report, every failure to apply the Law, every podium…. a lawyer is standing right there.  
It’s not the blacks.  It’s the lawyers.

It’s not the gays.  It’s the lawyers.

It’s not the police.  It’s the lawyers.

It’s not the judges.  It’s the lawyers.

It’s not the columnists.  It’s the lawyers.

It’s not the pundits.  It’s the lawyers.

It’s not the immigrants.  It’s the lawyers.

It’s not the fiances.  It’s the lawyers

It’s not the politicians.  It’s the lawyers.

It’s not the ministers.  It’s the lawyers.

It’s not the victims.  MY GOD.  THEY KILLED THEM.



WICHITA & All American Media

For (1) threatening conduct and behavior designed to undermine confidence in law enforcement nationwide,  (2) terroristic violations of the rule of law, (3) unconstitutional intrusions of protected civil rights, (4) infliction of severe emotional distress under color of law, (5) callous and manipulative abuse of their  constitutional protections while promoting a seditious effort to unseat the federally elected American Executive, President Donald Trump.
If not a class action, a form which people could use to file at their district court.

If Americans will not #DrainTheSwamp, perhaps we can #FloodTheSwamp.
But, Americans don’t give a fuck.

Andrew Thomas Finch, 28, of Wichita, Kansas didn’t imagine it was his problem. He opened his front door to police.  It was too late for him to discover the Constitutional crisis which instantly affected him.  He was dead.  

Too late, Mr. Finch, you no longer have a fuck to contribute.  You no longer have any rights.  My sincere condolences to your family.

Who is next?  Will you answer your door?



I would appreciate the opportunity to address what occurred this morning at the courthouse.

The Commissioners fund the Mental Health Department which failed to adhere to any aspect of the Mental Health Act and failed to properly train police or address the negligence of their MHMR Department.

The Commissioners fund the Public Defender.  They have threatened and intimidated the ENTIRE PUBLIC DEFENDER OFFICE into withdrawing from the Appeal.

Bradley Bastedo is my public defender.  He has indicated the pressure and intimidation of the county in the matter.  Brad has indicated multiple times that my life is threatened.  I had asked Brad to bring the case to your attention.

Brad has refused to provide any documents.  He also has refused to provide me with my files.  The case is on a Confidential Docket.  I have no access to the records and/or any of the information he has obtained by subpoena.

Judge McMasters has recognized the criminal aspect and continued the Appeal in his courtroom.  Clearly, the judge noticed the criminality of the efforts against me and the affect upon my rights and denial of my liberty.  Judge McMasters is seeing the manipulation and abuse of using a fraudulent involuntary commitment to cause harm, threaten and harass… And to keep me in fear for my life.

The Commissioners are generous benefactors to the county legal aid organizations.

Legal Aid would be the organization to whom the commissioners suggested I turn  after instructing THEIR Public Defender Office to withdraw. That withdrawal remains to be addressed by the court.   The commissioners had just given Legal Aid $3600 moments before their recommendaton.  Clearly, they demonstrate their responsibility and deliberate efforts, involvement and funding to prevent and obstruct the Appeal in the Common Pleas Court and to keep me in fear of recurrence.

The commissioners have refused to meet or discuss the matter AND have neglected to respond to emails.

The list of crimes grew quickly while the Commissioners failed to recognize their responsibilities and the extension  of their direct involvement in denying the Rule of law and interfering with Constitutionally protected rights.  There was nothing clandestine about their actions or intent or failure to resolve any issue.

Do the commissoners believe it is any less a crime when it occurs in a public meeting?

Interference with legal representation
Honest Services Fraud
Extortion under color of official right
Aiding and abetting

Can we meet to discuss the matter soon?  Would you prefer I file a private criminal complaint?

As you were a witness would you prefer to refer prosecution to Attorney General Shapiro?


Terance Healy

Audio from Commissioners meeting 12-06-2017

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