EMAIL TO Matt Miller, Wallace McKelvey, Doug Gansler

This post will be updated. The documents will be provided along with a breakdown of the ‘red herrings’. The People involved will be provided with a breakdown of their Confidentiality MANDATE (Plausible Deniability). AND, the roller coaster of horseshit which is delivered as Commonwealth Court Opinions will be exposed as Misdirection.

PA Court Opinions are funny twisted things.

Did you really ask for the Buckley Sandler reports? There was no requirement for any Buckley Sandler Report. The agreement with the law firm was only to handle staffing. THERE IS NO DELIVERABLE IN THAT AGREEMENT.

In the Appointment document, there is a deliverable. It directs Doug Gansler to PUBLICLY file a report… AND to provide it to the Attorney General… The report has certain requirements which were also to be accomplished BY DOUG GANSLER.

The report was to include a FULL AND COMPLETE description of the investigation. Gansler was NOT directed to provide the report exclusively to the Attorney General.


THEN, CASTOR AND BEEMER prevented the report from becoming public until they released the REDACTED version. Ya see, Castor & Beemer were the AG at the time. As AG, they did have a confidentiality mandate which conceals the misdeeds of the OAG. They would not be permitted to release the FULL REPORT.

It is why Kane did NOT provide him with staff out of the OAG.
It is why they contracted with Buckley Sandler to provide staffing.
No baggage!
Nothing which would require a lawyer to hold information confidential.

There is no attorney client privilege issues for Gansler. There is no work product privilege issue for Gansler.


Kane was permitted to proceed as she had done, BECAUSE when she received those secret orders from unidentified courts to PERSONALLY neglect the responsibilities of the office of the AG…. She became FULLY AWARE of the unconstitutional impact of Rule 1.6 Confidentiality, as such she could proceed to address the problem. A careful dance where the Supreme Court had enacted the law… and done it improperly…. and unconstitutionally… and without authority… and found themselves required to keep their own secret.

Perhaps a RTKL letter to Doug Gansler would comply with the Agreements, and expose the level of crime and corruption within law enforcement which will shock the country.

So, Doug…. Can you send us a few copies of the full and complete report? Not only it is supposed to be public, BUT IF MY NAME IS IN IT ANYWHERE (AND I SUSPECT IT IS) I was to get a copy according to the agreement.


Source documents.
The original Petition/Documents would determine where the misdirection began. ( I do not have this one as yet.)

The document specified in the Original RTLK request and court filings could provide the basis for an Appeal to the Supreme Court.

Email (PDF)
Appointment of Special Deputy Attorney General to Conduct Independent Investigation (PDF)
Contract for Legal Services (PDF)
Commonwealth Court Opinion (PDF)
PennLive 12/1/2015 Article: Kathleen Kane’s Porngate team (PDF)
Buckley Sandler Invoices (PDF)

Kathleen Kane
Doug Gansler
Buckley Sandler
Bruce Castor
Bruce Beemer
News Media

IMPORTANT: Calling attention to the misdirection. The lawyers are not liars. The lawyers are providing a selective truth. The misdirection is permitted under Rule 1.6 Confidentiality. Fraud in the Furtherance and Fraud to Prevent Resolution are permitted to be held confidential pursuant to Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information.

That criminal prosecution of Kathleen Kane remains on appeal to the Superior Court of Pennsylvania.
Kane’s breifs were filed on June 16, 2017.
Montgomery County applied for an extension on the time to file on July 13, 2017.
Montgomery County applied for another extension on the time to file on September 14, 2017.
Montgomery County applied for ANOTHER extension on the time to file on September 28, 2017.
Montgomery County filed an addendum to the extension on the time to file on October 2, 2017
The Montgomery County brief is due by October 23, 2017.

A fraud in the furtherance which falsely prosecuted the elected Attorney General in order to prevent exposure of UNCONSTITUTIONAL CONFIDENTIALITY which prevented constitutional rights and denied the rule of law. The underlying case occurring in Montgomery County since 2007.

The Constitutional Crisis in the United States is evident, BUT, the cause is CONFIDENTIAL pursuant to Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information.

FRAUD IN THE FURTHERANCE comes in a variety of tactics: Robosigned Documents, False Deeds, Secret Court Orders, Denial of the Rule of Law, Denial of Constitutional Rights, … any and every improper action of the judiciary. INJUSTICE

… Kids for Cash, Sandusky, Black Lives Matter, the Foreclosure Crisis, Ferguson, Baltimore, Predator Priests …

The improperly enacted and unconstitutional confidentiality mandate has built in self-defense because the Confidentiality of Information problem is CONFIDENTIAL.

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