Perhaps you did not receive this email.

Perhaps you realize that you have participated in a farce which denied me any protection of the law and ignored my constitutional rights for several years while pretending to pursue relief through the higher courts.

A three year malicious prosecution which has been through Superior Court (three times) and Supreme Court. Well, it pretended to be. It never made it before any judges. Only got as far as the central legal staff who also chose to perpetuate and participate in the fraud.

I await your response with the documents. You have stalled this question for two months.



You indicated the need to know the specific documents which I am requesting. Here is a list.

I would like authentic time-stamped copies of the following items which appear on the case Dockets. The related Docket Files are attached.

Magisterial Docket MJ-38118-CR-0000096-2015
03/26/2015 Waiver of Preliminary Hearing
03/26/2015 Waiver of Counsel

There had been NO WAIVERS. The docket indicates FILED BY: Terance P. Healy APPLIES TO: Terance P. Healy, Defendant

The CRIMINAL COMPLAINT had been amended twice. Once before April 9, 2015. Again on April 9, 2015 the cause for continuance. There is no entry on the docket of these amended documents. As there was no ARRAIGNMENT, please provide a FINAL version of the CRIMINAL COMPLAINT.

The above issues were discussed on the record. I would like complete copies of transcripts from
March 26, 2015,
April 9, 2015 and
April 24, 2015.
The transcripts are not listed on the Docket, though entries appear on the Common Pleas Docket.

I would like authentic time-stamped copies of the following items from Supreme Court of Pennsylvania 126 MAL 2017
02/28/2017 Petition for Allowance of Appeal
02/28/2017 Verified Statement in Support of Continuation of IFP Status
02/28/2017 In Forma Pauperis Continued
03/02/2017 No Answer Letter to Petition for Allowance of Appeal
08/22/2017 Order Denying Petition for Allowance of Appeal
08/22/2017 Order Exited
09/12/2017 Notice of Disposition Sheet Exited.

As I have stated in prior emails, I do not have these items. You requested a specific list. Please advise when the documents will be posted, or available for pickup.

Thank You,
Terance Healy

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