I really am not comfortable emailing the things you want——you have to come in the office to pick it up. The materials you want may have sensitive material in them that could be obtained by the many people you have on your webcite and in your email. You can come to the office anytime you wish with an advance phone call to me and I will be happy to help you. It’s always a pleasure to see you. I’m sorry the appellate courts did not rule in our favor. As I last indicated to you, be sure to keep an eye out for your pretrial subpoena for your next court date.

Yours truly



The US Postal Service can have documents to me in a day. or Fedex? Overnight? Two-day? I have been kept homeless, destitute and unemployed because of the pending false charges. Finding transportation to Norristown is not an easy task.

What do you mean by indicating the ‘many people you have on your website and in your email”? If you are suggesting the continued surveillance of all tech devices. You need to get over that. It has been a fact of life for me for quite some time. The way you are behaving is cause for great suspicion… and fear… and distrust. Are you suggesting there are people preventing effective communication?

You also have NEVER met me before, except for the one time I dropped off paperwork which you have prevented from being filed with the court. Though you agreed to file the document. It was during a brief break during the Kathleen Kane hearings.

The appellate courts did not rule. They ignored. AND Ignoring the lack of jurisdiction does not provide jurisdiction. Avoiding using the word jurisdiction, does not provide jurisdiction.

Much like the false waiver documents entered on the docket which also demonstrate the lack of jurisdiction.

But, you never address issues. You don’t even provide simple paperwork.

Please quit the games. My address is as follows:

Terance Healy

With regard to the next Hearing, I would suggest you advise Michael Kehs to ascertain the issue of jurisdiction before once again requiring my presence on the false criminal charges. Perhaps that unnamed and unidentified person in your office assigned to my case could alert Judge Carpenter to the lack of jurisdiction to proceed, and the false waivers on the docket. Yes, they are false, it is evident in my statements, and the transcripts, and the continuances.

Reading between the lines, i suspect your are suggesting the notices won’t be mailed leading to a Bench Warrant?? On a friday?? Leaving me in jail for the weekend??

I’ve been harassed enough to recognize the tactics. And of course, having contact with my Public Defender to make sure I am prepared and present for the Call of the Trial List JUST DOESNT HAPPEN DOES IT?

You are causing a great deal of unnecessary hardship,


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