A phone call suggesting an investigation which includes the statement that if they tell anyone about the investigation they will be prosecuted.  


CONFIRMING The investigation exists.  So, it is logical that the surveillance they have been hearing about is in place.  Phones, computers, devices.   
If they were to tell anyone [even unintentionally], there is NO DOUBT it would be part of a further conversation, txt or email.

Once threatened, the only choice is to cease any and all communication and contact. This must be done without explanation.  Providing the target of the investigation with a sense of confusion.  The target had told you that this was occurring and you did not want to believe.  Now, you are a part of it.
Surrounding the target with private investigators and confidential Informants has failed to produce a crime where there was no crme.

Isolation from Family and friends has failed to coerce the violent reaction necessary to prosecute.


The constant efforts have failed to result in suicide.  A clear and deliberate interjection of suicide into the timing of events was evident by the arrival of people at your door who had no idea why they were there, or who sent them, or what was going on,… But concerned about suicide.  Raising the issue on the day when the judge’s malicious defectve and void orders would arrive in the mail. Not just once, but many many times.  Judge Calruccio might have been better served by having MCES deliver her orders instead of the mailman.

Judge Carluccio seems very connected to suicide issues.  The latest incident in Bucks County has the Police Chief reading about Judge Carluccio on this web site as part of his actions excusing his officers of wrongdoing.  Waking a man up to save him from a suicide which had been reported by a NON-EXISTENT Facebook friend whose profile indicated it is a farce.  Beating him up and holding him hostage for days.  And then disavowing signing the paperwork at the hearing.

The tactics of the corrupt to make things go away which they do not want to admit.  

The administrative solution puts innocent folks in jail for missing a hearing instead of the crimes alleged.  

The suicide solution ends the effort by the DA who won’t admit to the malicious prosecution by their staff.  

Where suicide is unattainable, the suggestion of suicide can excuse any falure to investigate a murder.

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