Evidence of malicious prosecution in the criminal case against me in Montgomery County.

Proof that all are working against me, DA, Admin, Public Defender, Judge, … and Thomas &  Caroline Carluccio.

Connection to Warrington Police fake suicide intervention.

Connection to Bucks County Common Pleas delay in Appeal of fake suicide intervention

Connection to Montgomery County Common Pleas Court delay preventing resolution

Connection to Superior Court delay to deliberately extend the delays in that court

Connection to Supreme Court delay to address the failure of Superior Court to act after SUPERIOR COURT ruled the Appeal in their court could not be withdrawn.
(A secret petition to withdraw – done behind my back by the Public Defender – had been denied by Superior Court keeping the appeal in play until they decided not to even consider the appeal 8 months later.)
When all tied together with the initial plea deal offered (2015) for the criminal charges in MontCo requiring me to give up any claim to the deed to my home…  The deed problem persists until my death.  THE MOTIVE IS CLEAR.
It demonstrates CARLUCCIO involvement in every aspect in a plot to murder me while they delay any hearings and prevent any resolution ( no law or procedure is followed ANYWHERE – creating frustration but PREVENTING LAWFUL ADJUDICATION – NOT POSSIBLE WHEN INTENTIONAL ERRORS AND UNDENIABLE NEGLIGENCE CAUSE DELIBERATE LACK OF JURISDICTION.  There is no such thing as retroactive jurisdiction.) while manufacturing a fake suicide to conceal the murder….
And the active and passive participation of EVERYONE to whom I have turned for help and resolution including the Warrington Township Supervisors who have been coerced to inaction and growing liability by their lawyer’s instructions to ignore.
Rock Solid Documentation.  

They are determined to murder me.  

Motive is clear.  

Actions in the furtherance of the conspiracy to cover it up.

Negligence of each person, department, organization and court.  They wait  – so all of their corruption dies with me.

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