There is no way to address it. No way to Appeal it. And once it occurs, the victim will be further victimized. Laws will not be followed. Rights will be ignored. Procedures will not be followed. Because once you have become a victim of injustice in the court, the target has no recovery. Any attempt to present the issue, will result in a void – the lawyers and judges ignore the issue entirely.

The reason is simple. Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information. MANDATED of all lawyers requires confidentiality and permits fraud in the furtherance where exposure would adversely affect the integrity of the judiciary. An improperly enacted and unconstitutional law… IN EVERY STATE. Same Name. When the ABA proposed their Confidentiality Rule, they had removed ‘the fraud provisions’. When the rule became a law by actions of each state supreme court, the decisions was no longer discretionary. It was MANDATE. Aggressively enforced by the Supreme Court.

Each state supreme court is prevented from addressing their improperly enacted and unconstitutional law because it would adversely affect the judiciary to expose the issue. Rule 1.6 Confidentiality has a built in self-defense mechanism.

Rule 1.6 is the cause of the Constitutional Crisis in the US.

If they are not indicating why the law is being ignored, then they are applying RULE 1.6 CONFIDENTIALITY and saying nothing.
This demonstrates the collateral unConstitutional affect that Rule 1.6 has on the Rule of law and the Rights of All people.

As it affects rights protected by the US Constitution, Rule 1.6 is unconstitutional. But, the law was enacted by the judiciary ( state supreme courts) and exposing their improperly enacted law MUST BE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL as it would adversely affect the integrity of the court.

The lawyers overthrew the state and federal government and now hold the judiciary hostage while denying the Rule of Law and the Rights protected in the US Constitution. Their Rule 1.6 Confidentiality prevents issues from being addressed and resolved where justice would adversely affect the integrity of the judiciary.

They fake foreclosed on over 43 MILLION homes. AND NO ONE DID ANYTHING TO STOP IT.

No Prosecutions because THE LAWYERS did it by themselves. Fake Clients, fake deeds, robosigned documents. The Banks didn’t do it – so they were not prosecuted. The Lawyers DID IT, and because they can conceal their client (even if they are only pretending to have a client) it made it very easy to point blame to the banks… and then suggest that they bribed someone to avoid prosecution. NOPE, Rule 1.6 Confidentiality concealed it, silenced it, prevented exposure, and permitted the fraudulent actions to cover it all up.

It took eight years, for me to realize that the problems in my litigation was CONFIDENTIALITY. It wasn’t personal. The people treating me like shit did not even know me. So WHY were they determined to crap all over me.

My divorce has been before 22 judges of the Montgomery County Judiciary. Multiple Appeals. Follow on litigation, etc. The problem remains, once a person is affected by an injustice in a courtroom, they have lost ANY protection of the law, and all constitutionally protected rights.

If you think it has happened to you, there is an easy way to confirm it. If the following sentence describes your experience, then you have been affected – Likely Rule 1.6 Confidentiality is preventing any possible resolution.

“I am a sane man dealing with an absolutely insane situation. Every person in a position to help has acted improperly in direct violation of procedures and the law preventing the resolution of any matter… they each make the situation worse… NO ONE HELPS”

I lived it. I am living it now. Those who are trying to expose Rule 1.6 are being prevented by lawyers mandated to commit fraud to conceal the injustice which undermines the integrity of the state and federal judiciary.

Litigants are not being silenced so much as THE ISSUE THEY WISH TO ADDRESS is being held CONFIDENTIAL and is not addressed, discussed, or resolved. You are NOT being ignored, BUT, your issue is Confidential so we aren’t saying anything about it, or indicating the Confidentiality applies, because if we told you that then you would realize that the Confidentiality LAW (Rule 1.6) has a collateral unconstitutional affect which would also expose that it has been improperly enacted (in every states)

Rule 1.6 Confidentiality. The definite indicator is an issue which the lawyers and the judges will not address, discuss, or resolve – its the thing they are NOT talking about which is the problem. Non-lawyers are not hindered by the Confidentiality. Pro Se litigants raise the issues in well formed documents, only to find the ‘court’ (or their clerks thru Per Curiam orders) completely neglects to address the actual issue. They wil address TONS OF OTHER STUFF to distract from their deliberate omission.

Not a cabal. ONE IMPROPERLY ENACTED AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAW. Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information undermines the law, rights and holds the judiciary hostage while destroying their integrity… BECAUSE EXPOSING RULE 1.6 IS PROHIBITED BECAUSE IT WOULD AFFECT THE INTEGRITY OF THE JUDICIARY.

Sadly, it’s part of their game. The suggestion of suicide to make you consider suicide. Judge Caroline Carluccio sent people from the Mental Health Department to my home EVERY TIME she issued a court order. They arrived not knowing who sent them, why they were sent, and having no answers. The next day, the court order would arrive in the mail.

The Suicide Solution is a problem solver for them.

The Bench Warrant Solution is an administrative remedy they use to place someone in jail – and their lives at risk once in jail.
It’s why they often neglect to notify about court dates.

Where they cannot use the Administrative Solutions or the Suicide Solution to make people go away, the courts and law enforcement just ignore and neglect. But, sometimes an issue MUST be resolved. In those cases, accidental death is NOT outside the realm of possibility.

These are the tactics – ALA FAKE NEWS. President Trump is well aware of the tactics of the lawyers. He know about Rule 1.6. His sister was on the Federal Court – Third Circuit Court of Appeals – But, the judges never got the case.

DOJ and All Federal Lawyers are held to the Rules of Professional Conduct in the jurisdiction where they are working. This was accomplished after the McDade Murtha Amendment failed numerous times to be passed by the US Congress.

Mr. Murtha simply concealed the Law in an Appropriations Bill – One paragraph among over 900 pages of financial appropriations – Since then, the Federal government lawyers and investigators were held to the Confidentiality mandate – and are prevented from any action to expose or resolve the resulting unconstitutional actions and corruption..

Have you been through all of the excuses? Appeal of Interlocutory order (NOT A FINAL ORDER). When the lower court lacks jurisdiction, there can be no FINAL ORDER. There can be NO ORDER. Because the court lacks jurisdiction to issue an order. Often the Appellate Court will deflect the Appeal, or dismiss it or quash it, because they only have jurisdiction to review the orders of the lower court. No Jurisdiction. No Order, No Possibility of Appeal.

This all plays into the Rule 1.6 Confidentiality problem where the lawyers (and judges are lawyers) must conceal information and actions which will adversely affect the integrity of the court. When the ‘fraud provisions’ were removed from Rule 1.6, it left a void which prevents addressing jurisdiction, fraud, loss of rights, ignores the Rule of Law, …

Where Rule 1.6 causes the denial of the protection of the Rule of Law and several constitutionally protected rights, the state Supreme Court lacked the constitutional authority to enact the Confidentiality Rule into law. But, once they did, revealing ti would adversely affect the integrity of the judiciary, SO IT HAS BEEN KEPT QUIET, IGNORED, while people suffer the loss of rights; they are left with no place to turn for resolution.

The Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information of the Rules of Professional Conduct was filed in August 2013 in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Served on the 56 state Attorneys General, with notice to the state governors and state senators. The US Congress was also notified. The US Attorneys nationwide were also informed of the constitutional challenge. Every state Supreme Court was also notified.

ALL 56 STATE ATTORNEYS GENERAL DEFAULTED recognizing the unconstitutional law. YET, it was improperly dismissed before getting in front of the judge. It was 1.6’d.

On Appeal to the Third Circuit, the lower court dismissal was affirmed before the paperwork was ever delivered to the judges. It was 1.6’d.

The problem is that the law which was presented to each state to enact, was knowingly flawed. The American Bar Association caused the constitutional crisis in the US. They did it by using a Confidentiality which prevents discussion or resolution, because lawyers are NOT permitted to expose the improperly enacted and unconstitutional law.

If you think Rule 1.6 is a stand alone rule/law, then you need to review the entire Rules of Professional Conduct – the minimum ethical standard for lawyers ( Remember – minimum is none). Rule 1.6 is incorporated into most every rule in The Rules by cross reference.

Within it’s own paragraphs, Rule 1.6 may seem harmless or necessary. But, when cross referenced by the other Rules, it provides a CORE CONFIDENTIALITY which affects all lawyers, and the judiciary.

The beautiful thing is that Rule 1.6 can be removed without requiring a rewrite of the Rules of Professional Conduct. Only Rule 1.6 is unconstitutional.

If you research the changes to Rule 1.6 in each of the states, you will also learn that whenever Rule 1.6 has been modified, it has been modified with the intention to further conceal it’s affect, or to prevent an answer or explanation or a Rule of Law.

The problem is that Rule 1.6 undermines every law, every right and every judiciary. The Foreclosure crisis – fraudulent deeds, robosigned documents were accepted as valid when lack of standing should have prevented the Plaintiff from filing with the court. Kids for Cash – denied thousands of children of their rights. They were thrown in jail and the lawyers remained silent. Judge Ann Lokuta was disciplined for adversely affecting the integrity of the court after she reported the corrupt judges., Sandusky at Penn State University, Failure to prosecute predator priests, Black Lives Matter, etc…. Rule 1.6 confidentiality kept the secret, the silence, and denied and prevented justice.

A DEFENDANT must defend. And when you do so effectively and against all expectation and enduring the abuse… Then, you can be DEFENDANT again. It can go on forever.
No one will stop it.

Before long, they will murder me. It will be made to appear a suicide.

There is nothing I can do to survive it. Actually, it is my survival that they fail to understand… and because of that they will retaliate.

However bad a situation is, if people think that’s the way it has always been, they will put up with it.

Rule 1.6 is falling. Justice is coming.

The improper use of Involuntary Commitment as a weapon. It is very effective because once a target has been called ‘crazy’ once, all anyone need do is repeat it to have anything you say or do ignored. It becomes even more powerful when whispered because of Confidentiality rules.

It is effective because it can be accomplished by the action of a single person, a police officer.

It is effective because the instant liability created by the police officer promptly extends to the police department and the township and the township supervisors. They will lawyer up quickly. They will suggest an ongoing investigation. They will ignore facts. They will say nothing, do nothing, explain nothing as their lawyers have directed them. Oddly, they will act unaware that they are being implicated by the obstruction.

The issue of following the lawyers advice is perplexing where it is deliberately concealing a violation of rights protected by laws and constitutions and where it perpetuates further involvement of other people and/or organizations. Those persons and organizations, instantly aware of the liability which is spreading like a cancer, fail with extreme prejudice to the target. They say nothing, do nothing and explain nothing.
EVERY RULE OF LAW and EVERY CONSTITUTIONALLY PROTECTED RIGHT of the target is COMPLETELY LOST based on the advice of a lawyer. Any person who attempts to accord the target any consideration becomes a target themselves.

It is effective because of the liability brought upon physicians and facilities who become involved and ignore that there has been am improper use of Involuntary Commitment. On the word of a single person, a police officer, they assume full responsibility for ‘evaluation’ and ‘treatment’. They will dismiss anything the target has to say or present as ‘crazy’ and ignore. They will carelessly label the target as SEVERELY MENTALLY DISABLED – an offensive term which I find more cruel than ‘crazy’.

It is effective because of the liability brought upon employees of the facilities who become involved and ignore that there has been an improper use of Involuntary Commitment. The employees follow ‘policy’ which prevents them from taking any effort on your behalf while denying your liberty and denying your rights. The ‘policy’ fails to address where the Law has not been followed. The ‘policy’ fails to address where the established procedures have not been followed. The ‘policy’ even goes as far as ignoring where their own ‘policy’ is not being followed.

Liability spreads aggressively. The Law dictates the responsibility for all person and organizations involved. The Law provides for prosecution of those individuals involved, and with specificity for the prosecution of the Directors of agencies and organizations involved.

With extreme carelessness, ‘gatekeepers’ failed to act to prevent further actions. In under 5 hours, liabilities grew to affect over 100 people and a dozen organizations. No one was going to stop the speeding train from running off the rails. Everyone could rely on the advice which lawyers give to those who become involved in crimes. Say Nothing. Do Nothing. Ignore. If the target persists in trying to communicate, contact police and falsely report harassment, threats, stalking,… The target has already been falsely labeled SEVERELY MENTALLY DISABLED. No one will care if the police shoot and kill him. It won’t even warrant a second thought.

The attorney-client privilege absolves all involved in the denial of the Rule of Law. The attorney-client privilege obliterates EVERY Constitutional Right of the target. It is important to note: The target remains a target… FOREVER.

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court enacted Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information of the Rules of Professional Conduct into law, discretion became a mandate which is aggressively enforced by The Disciplinary Board of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. Rule 1.6 Confidentiality applies to their proceedings, filings and dockets. Rule 1.6 is broader than just attorney-client privilege, it is incorporated by reference into most, if not all, of the Rules of Professional Conduct required of lawyers.
Rule 1.6 permits/causes the denial of the Rule of Law and EVERY constitutional right protected by the Pennsylvania Constitution and the Constitution of the United States. It is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. A collateral affect which can be easily demonstrated, YET, defies correction where lawyers may not expose the problem pursuant to Rule 1.6.

Even an unconstitutional law must be followed until it is declared ‘unconstitutional’. Only then, it is considered a nullity as if it never existed.

Conflict of Interest prevents The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania from addressing their unconstitutional law. Their lack of authority to enact an unconstitutional law is indicated in Article V Section 10(c). When they did it, AND THEY DID, Rule 1.6 Confidentiality defied exposure and removal. Subsequent edits to Rule 1.6 presents a trail of breadcrumbs which exposes the effort to conceal the improperly enacted and unconstitutional law.

Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information prevents the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania from revealing the unconstitutional law – Confidentiality required where there is an adverse affect on the judiciary.

No Legislature was involved. Rule 1.6 Confidentiality is required of the lawyers in the Legislature who stifle and prevent the resolution of the constitutional quagmire.

No governor was involved. Only a non-lawyer governor could take any action. Governor Tom Wolf, a non-lawyer, has been prevented from being informed of the issue by the Office of General Counsel, his lawyers. Governor Wolf could assemble the Legislature to suspend the law and permit its correction.

The Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6 was served upon 56 State Attorneys General who defaulted. However, their default was 1.6’d. Fraud is permitted to maintain ‘confidentiality’.

Rule 1.6 has been enacted in every state undermining the constitutional rights of every American. From 1984 (New Jersey) to 2009 (Maine), the American Bar Association promoted their Rules of Professional Conduct (absent the fraud provisions) to every state Supreme Court to enact into law. Federal lawyers have been compromised since the failed McDade-Murtha Amendment was secreted into an Appropriations Bill which requires they follow the ethics rules in the jurisdiction where they are working.

Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane became aware of the Rule 1.6 issue and was promptly delivered ‘secret orders from unidentified courts’ which required her to personally neglect the responsibilities of the Office of the Attorney General. Following the Order of the Supreme Court to release email, Kane was disciplined for adversely affecting the integrity of the court. A violation of Rule 1.6 which resulted in the revocation of her law license. The contrived prosecution of Kathleen Kane in Montgomery County neglected to expose Rule 1.6 because it would violate Rule 1.6.

It was in Montgomery County, where I continue to experience the impact of Rule 1.6, that my divorce has been before 22 judges each exasperated by the injustice mandated pursuant to Rule 1.6. Since 2007, the experience is fully documented at www.work2bdone.com/live

The exposure of improperly enacted and unconstitutional Rule 1.6 is the reason behind the harassment and injustice which has taken everything except my liberty. Then, a 302, woke me up in the middle of the night, and the threats continue…

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