Chief Friel,

I am greatly concerned by your failure to respond in any way.

Your inaction and non-response places myself and those around me in jeopardy and creates a very uncomfortable living environment.

It should also be noted that an undercover investigation is exposed in the paperwork. This is another cause for alarm at your silence. I realize the affect when police or Informants reveal the investigation. This has occurred before. It creates an environment of fear, distrust and justified paranoia. You silence perpetuates it.

The failure to identify the person behind the report is causing a collapse of trust among those persons who I meet and communicate with and attempt to trust. I have been aware of the false friends and the online harassment teams determined to undermine my efforts.

Your failure to communicate serves to exacerbate the situation. I have asked the Township Supervisors to request your resignation and the suspension of the officers involved. Criminal prosecution is appropriate for the officers involved. The liability they created for all involved accords a profound and very corrupt conspiracy of silence and inaction.

When can I expect hear from you, or your assigned investigator? The Supervisors have been kept informed, yet are taking no action. This is unacceptable.

Terance Healy

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