Asking for IMMUNITY to testify has 2 possibilities.

1. You will speak the truth BUT, you are involved in the crime and fear prosecution.

2. You plan to lie in order to implicate others. The LIE will include your confession of involvement with the crime.
BUT, SHOULD THE CONSPIRACY TO LIE (the set-up arranged by the Prosecutor) BE REVEALED, you fear prosecution.

In America, #2 happens way more often… PEOPLE LIE IN COURT. If not properly motivated, their testimony is often incentivized or coerced.

In America, improperly enacted and unconstitutional Rule 1.6 CONFIDENTIALITY would prevent the TRUTH from ever being addressed.

In America, the effort to prevent the truth from being spoken in a Courtroom is so massive that it has filled the prisons… and the country is populated with people who admitted guilt (LIE’d) about something they never did just to make it go away. The bad advice of their lawyer.

In America, the TRUTH is on life support.

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