Email sent today (However, absence of the Out of Office autoresponses suggests the email has been blocked from delivery.) Absence of any reply indicates their awareness that my accounts are under surveillance. The courthouse remembers what happened to the man who provided that secret order from August 2007.

I understand the silence, the reason that no one will help me. YOU KNOW WHAT THESE FOLKS ARE CAPABLE OF DOING TO ANYONE.

I know because I have survived it since 2007.

I also recognize that there is no way they will ever resolve anything. There is too much lawlessness corruption and cruelty involved.

PJ has never done anything. Not even filed an appearance.

Ray has acted out a farce. Writing letters with incorrect data. What’s with the wrong letterhead each time? Filing with the Supreme Court to prevent me from doing it directly – and forgetting the Jurisdiction Statement – WHEN ITS ALL ABOUT THE LACK OF JURISDICTION. Then, The DA waived their jurisdiction statement. Of course, because they don’t address the lack of jurisdiction.

Failing to include the information which would have required the recusal of Geoffrey Moulton from the panel in Superior Court – which didn’t even look at the Appeal.

Bruce Castor explained the twisted abilities of the Montgomery County DA.


He was one of the first I turned to for help in 2007. I begged. Risa Ferman ignored for eight years whileshe aggressively attacked and prevented the detectives fro. Investigation. Kevin Steele continues to ignore….

I have experienced what they will can and will do. I understand why the media is so terrified to go off script.

They have frightened off every friend. No one deserves the terror of the DA just because they survived the loss and annihilation of their entire lives.

Please contact the FBI, US Attorney and/or Attorney General.

You can help.
Thank you.

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