By 1.6-ing the situation, I can present how the deliberately incurred liability of the police, hospital, psych ward, mental health department, mental health clinic, district attorney, and the attorney general cause the absolute complete denial of any protection of The LAW and ALL CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS.

Each could have prevented the situation from involving more parties. Their conduct was intentional. They knew it was wrong. They didn’t care. They would hide behind their shared liability and privilege.

On the privileged advice of their lawyers, they each take no further actions, cooperate no further, participate no further, and take no action to resolve any single issue or address the matter. That ‘privilege’ pursuant to Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information of the Rules of Professional Conduct.


Their CONFIDENTIALITTY is not discretionary. Their silence is concealing an UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAW rolled out to EVERY state which has harmed millions of Americans since the early 1980’s.

The attorney general has a responsibility to address the unConstitutional law. By choosing to ignore, the OAG is negligent and in violation of the Act which created the Office of the Attorney General.

As such, I am required to notify the Governor and the Legislature of the failure of the Attorney General, and the entire OAG.

The Governor can assemble the Legislature to suspend the unConstitutional law – improperly enacted by the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania in effect since 1987.

If you think this is a single instance…. re-read the header of this web site.
“I am a sane man dealing with an absolutely insane situation. Every person in a position to help has acted improperly in direct violation of procedures and the law preventing the resolution of any matter… they each make the situation worse… NO ONE HELPED… NO ONE COULD HELP… until the Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6.”

ALL LIVES MATTER. Rule 1.6 is going to fall.




C/O Bucks County Department of Mental Health / Developmental Programs
600 Louis Drive, Suite 101
Warminster, PA 18974

RE: Terance Healy


Defendant, Terance Healy, hereby appeals to the Court of Common Pleas of Bucks County in Doylestown regarding the decision reached at a conference before Mental Health Review Officer, Colby S. Grim, Esq on the evening of April 11, 2017.

This NOTICE OF APPEAL document is filed timely on this 17th day of April 2017. Filing by hand delivery to Bucks County Department of Mental Health / Developmental Programs, 600 Louis Drive, Suite 101, Warminster, PA 18974.
(With fax transmission to all parties upon service of the Appeal to Bucks County Department of Mental Health.)

Defendant’s participation in any program at Lenape Valley Foundation, Doylestown, PA is pursuant to the finding of the Mental Health Review Officer. Defendant, by his participation in their efforts, DOES NOT IN ANY WAY indicate agreement with the false information which had been provided by police on form MH783.

Defendant is complying ONLY to prevent further duress by law enforcement and mental health professionals until such time as the Courts can be presented with the facts for review, dismissal, expungment, discipline and/or criminal prosecution where deemed appropriate.

Form MH 783 has been presented as an APPLICATION FOR EXTENDED INVOLUNTARY TREATMENT (Section 302). The documentation provided is bogus.

Form MH784A [TITLE INCOMPLETE] was prepared and presented by MaryBeth McDowell of the Horsham Clinic seeking ‘to extend your involuntary treatment for up to 20 more days” without any review or any attempt to verify the false information provided by police AND prior to any review by any examining doctor.

The government’s authority to involuntarily commit persons who are a danger to themselves or others arises from the state’s inherent police powers. In re Hutchinson , 454 A.2d 1008, 1010 (Pa. 1982). The person so confined has a countervailing liberty interest protected by the due process clause of the Constitution. Id.

As our Supreme Court clearly delineated in In re Hutchinson , “involuntary civil commitment of mentally ill persons constitutes deprivation of liberty and may be accomplished only in accordance with due process protections.” Id. at 1010.

The MHPA is “an enlightened legislative endeavor to strike a balance between the state’s valid interest in imposing and providing mental health treatment and the individual patient’s rights.” Id. (citation omitted).

The MHPA specifically embodies these principles by stating that its provisions must “be interpreted in conformity with the principles of due process[.]” 50 P.S. § 7102. As we noted in In re Ryan , 784 A.2d 803, 807 (Pa.Super. 2001), “The legislative policy reflected in the Mental Health Procedures Act is to require that strict conditions be satisfied before a court order for commitment shall be issued. Such a policy is in accord with the recognition that commitment entails a massive deprivation of liberty.”

Respectfully Submitted,

Terance Healy

c/o Joan Healy
871 Mustang Road
Warrington, PA 18976

(215) 343-1686 (There is no reliable voicemail for this phone.)

Distribution to:
Colin Jenei, Esq. (“The Department”)
Brad Bastedo, Esq., Bucks County Public Defender
Colby S. Grim, Esq.

This document is published for the purpose of supporting my prior statements indicating I HAVE NO PROTECTION UNDER THE LAW and I AM BEING DENIED MY CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. Attempting to humiliate me through the improper use of an involuntary commitment demonstrates the abuse of power under color of law by the police. Relying on the failure to seek the facts while participating in the harassment and efforts which seek to cause duress, the police have created liabilities for all involved.

“It’s now exceedingly obvious that the Attorney General was trying to manipulate public perception of the Penn State case from the very beginning, and they were willing to commit a crime to do it.”


…. that there is a privileged relationship between the Attorney General and the OAG staff which prevents disclosure of their wrongdoing .
…. that there is a privileged relationship between the Attorney General and the OFFICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL which prevents disclosure of wrongdoing within.
…. that the Rules of Professional Conduct MANDATE CONFIDENTIALITY … NO LONGER DISCRETIONARY since 1987 in Pennsylvania.

IT IS THE LAW.  That law mandating non-disclosure also conceals that it has a collateral affect on all Pennsylvanians who find their Constitutional rights ignored by law enforcement… they are further victimized without ANY  protection of the law.
An Attorney General, or District Attorney, is prevented from addressing corruption and injustices committed within their own departments because it would violate Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information.

One other thing about Rule 1.6 is that it includes Confidentiality to prevent disclosure which would have an adverse affect on the judiciary.

Though ordered by Justice Castille to release emails, Kathleen Kane exposed the judiciary to  ‘adverse affects’.  This is the true and documented reason for the revocation of her  law license… by the Supreme Court.

Ann Lokuta was removed from the bench and disciplined because reporting the Kids For Cash scandal happening in Luzerne County exposed the judiciary to ‘adverse affects’.

The Report regarding Kids For Cash could not indicate that the entire Luzerne County Judiciary and every lawyer was maintaining CONFIDENTIALITY while children and their families were being jailed for profit. The report written by lawyers.  HUMAN TRAFFICKING… and they ignored it.

Goeffrey Moulton neglected to indicated any wrongdoing by the Attorney General in his ‘Sandusky Report’…  Failing to indicate ANY wrongdoing or criminal acts in the OAG, he would not have been permitted to expose them. Kathleen Kane had promised an investigation into Corbett’s handling of Sandusky. She investigated BUT WAS PREVENTED FROM EXPOSING OR RELEASING THE INFORMATION because of a privileged relationship regarding the OAG.

Kathleen Kane understood the situation.  She sought outside investigators for the review of OAG email.  Out of state lawyers WITHOUT ANY OBLIGATION FOR CONFIDENTIALITY … without any client he was required to protect.  Doug Gansler had the ability to expose the damage caused by Rule 1.6.  He would be following state and federal law.  Gansler prepared his full report.

Gansler then handed it to Bruce Castor, a lawyer mandated to conceal the issues in the report.

Castor then participated in a farce where he was Anonymous Petitioner (Plaintiff) and as Acting Attorney General (Defendant)… He played both sides in the Supreme Court of PA… Even trying to suggest he was Mediator.  But, you cannot file an anonymous petition in the Supreme Court.  After months of delays, the Report as edited by Bruce Castor was released.  And there was nothing to it.

So… Where IS the rest of the Doug Gansler Report?  All of the pages and sections which are clearly missing.  Sections referenced in the edited version which were not released or provided.

NOW UNDERSTAND THIS, because the Confidentiality law indirectly and collaterally undermined the Constitutional rights of Pennsylvanians, it is unconstitutional.

As it is unconstitutional, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania lacked the authority pursuant to Article V Section 10(c) of the PA Constitution.  

An unconstitutional law improperly enacted must be followed until it is declared ‘unconstitutional’ – then, it is a nullity, as if it never existed… and it can provide no defense for actions taken pursuant to it.

When Rule 1.6 Falls, any actions by lawyers pursuant to Rule 1.6 will have ABSOLUTELY NO DEFENSE. An Unconstitutional law can provide no defense to those actions which rely on it. THE LAWYERS HAVE KNOWN OF THE UNCONSTITUTIONAL AFFECT. The Lawyers participated in the informed deliberate negligence regarding the Law and Justice and Liberty and the US Constitution. WOW… All of them… PARTICIPATED. THEY KNEW WHAT THEY WERE DOING WAS WRONG. THEY ALL IGNORED THE GREATEST ATTACK AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES.


Problem is that lawyers must adhere to the improperly enacted and unconstitutional ‘law’.  This prevents any fix.

A Bigger problem is that Rule 1.6 was enacted by the judiciary.

– there is going to be adverse affects to the judiciary

– there is going to be adverse affects to all lawyers

– there is a conflict of interest for the judiciary to expose their own error

– when enacted by the PA Supreme Court, it immediately became impossible for them to fix.  There is a MANDATE which also grants Confidentiality regarding any fraudulent efforts to prevent exposure

The system of justice is broken.  Any fix is being prevented by the very Confidentiality law which has broken the system.  

Until a non-lawyer is permitted to present the issue to the Governor or Legislature or Federal Courts, American Justice will remain broken.

Governor Wolf is prevented from meeting by his Office of General Counsel.  They will not permit any meeting with the non lawyer Governor who could assemble the Legislature to suspend the law and permit removal and resolution.


I filed a Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6 in Federal Court.

I HAD SUCCEEDED.  THE ATTORNEY GENERAL OF PENNSYLVANIA DEFAULTED ON THE CONSTITUTIONAL CHALLENGE OF RULE 1.6 along with the other 55 state Attorneys General.  All defaulted.  Not one response in time for the deadline.  The only law abiding way to remove the law had succeeded.  The lawyers could take no action which would show the problem.  A non-lawyer could and I DID.

Then, a lawyer committed an act of fraud which lead to other clerks/lawyers being mandated to do the same.  A late unexcused and unexplained response threw a monkey wrench.  A fraud.  Lawyers could not address or respond to the Rule 1.6 issue while mandated to silence.  But any fraud would be held confidential.  The federal court improperly dismissed the Challenge.  On Appeal, the Third Circuit Court improperly affirmed.   One person undermined the US Constitution for all Americans… and blamed it on AG Kathleen Kane.

You may not have heard about it…. because Confidentiality of Information is the needle in the haystack of American Injustice.

Maryanne Trump Barry is a justice on the Third Circuit and the sister of the President.

President Trump is a non-lawyer who would be permitted to expose that CONFIDENTIALITY OF INFORMATION has been enacted in EVERY STATE.  ROLLED OUT AT THE RECOMMENDATION OF ITS AUTHOR – The American Bar Association.  

Who profits from injustice?  The ABA membership.

Who is inviting the most resistance to the efforts of President Trump?  The lawyers.

It is long past time for this issue to be national news.  But, many journalists have a dual degree.  A law degree which prevents them from exposing the real issue.  For some strange reason the American media interviews lawyers and expects? the truth.  

When there is a mandate for Confidentiality which supercedes every law, every right, and ignores injustice nationwide…




A VIOLENT RAPE OF THE PUBLIC TRUST SINCE 1984 IN NEW JERSEY.  An intentional and deliberate act to undermine the state and federal judiciary has held the American Judiciary hostage for over 30 years.

All lives matter.  Remove this improperly enacyed and unconstituconfidentiality… 

Reboot and restore the US Constitution.

(The silence of the media is chilling.)

Email sent today (However, absence of the Out of Office autoresponses suggests the email has been blocked from delivery.) Absence of any reply indicates their awareness that my accounts are under surveillance. The courthouse remembers what happened to the man who provided that secret order from August 2007.

I understand the silence, the reason that no one will help me. YOU KNOW WHAT THESE FOLKS ARE CAPABLE OF DOING TO ANYONE.

I know because I have survived it since 2007.

I also recognize that there is no way they will ever resolve anything. There is too much lawlessness corruption and cruelty involved.

PJ has never done anything. Not even filed an appearance.

Ray has acted out a farce. Writing letters with incorrect data. What’s with the wrong letterhead each time? Filing with the Supreme Court to prevent me from doing it directly – and forgetting the Jurisdiction Statement – WHEN ITS ALL ABOUT THE LACK OF JURISDICTION. Then, The DA waived their jurisdiction statement. Of course, because they don’t address the lack of jurisdiction.

Failing to include the information which would have required the recusal of Geoffrey Moulton from the panel in Superior Court – which didn’t even look at the Appeal.

Bruce Castor explained the twisted abilities of the Montgomery County DA.


He was one of the first I turned to for help in 2007. I begged. Risa Ferman ignored for eight years whileshe aggressively attacked and prevented the detectives fro. Investigation. Kevin Steele continues to ignore….

I have experienced what they will can and will do. I understand why the media is so terrified to go off script.

They have frightened off every friend. No one deserves the terror of the DA just because they survived the loss and annihilation of their entire lives.

Please contact the FBI, US Attorney and/or Attorney General.

You can help.
Thank you.


A lawyer talking about his client’s crime is not permitted to tell that truth – the truth is privileged.




SPECULATION can’t be stopped… NO FACTS to stop it & NO EVIDENCE to prove it (’cause it didn’t happen).

Only the LIAR gains from it.

This is an attack designed to negatively affect the credibility of a person telling the TRUTH.


Asking for IMMUNITY to testify has 2 possibilities.

1. You will speak the truth BUT, you are involved in the crime and fear prosecution.

2. You plan to lie in order to implicate others. The LIE will include your confession of involvement with the crime.
BUT, SHOULD THE CONSPIRACY TO LIE (the set-up arranged by the Prosecutor) BE REVEALED, you fear prosecution.

In America, #2 happens way more often… PEOPLE LIE IN COURT. If not properly motivated, their testimony is often incentivized or coerced.

In America, improperly enacted and unconstitutional Rule 1.6 CONFIDENTIALITY would prevent the TRUTH from ever being addressed.

In America, the effort to prevent the truth from being spoken in a Courtroom is so massive that it has filled the prisons… and the country is populated with people who admitted guilt (LIE’d) about something they never did just to make it go away. The bad advice of their lawyer.

In America, the TRUTH is on life support.


Even if you find the flaw, the flaw is fatal – silence is complicit.

A DA protects an incompetent ADA. DA must keep ADA errors CONFIDENTIAL by law (Attorney Client Privilege) – [Govt Attorney has privileged relationship with their staff and office.]

The Defendant is illegally and improperly prosecuted denied protection of the law and denied constitutional rights.

The flaw is ignored. The flaw is fatal – silence is complicit.

The Confidentiality can undermine the jurisdiction of the court… BUT, once the court acts without jurisdiction THAT flaw is fatal.

Even if you identify the flaw, the flaw is fatal – silence is complicit.

CONFIDENTIALITY is mandated when the issue affects the integrity of the court. As such, the higher courts affirm the lower court – often the opinion will not address the issue directly or correctly.

Even though you found the flaw, the flaw is fatal – silence is complicit.

Appealing to state Supreme Court – you are now presenting the problem to those who have caused it. They enacted the RULE 1.6 – CONFIDENTIALITY OF INFORMATION.
Confidentiality prevents them from addressing the issue.
Confidentiality prevents them from fixing their law.
CONFLICT OF INTEREST prevents them from addressing their unconstitutional law – improperly enacted.

The flaw is fatal.

No one enforces the Constitution. Law Enforcement enforces laws. The laws must be constitutional – if a LAW is challenged the courts decide. Within the state, there is no escape.

Raising to the Federal Courts, you will learn that hidden in an appropriations bill, an amendment which could NOT pass multiple attempts in Congress was whittled down to a few sentences. The McDade Murtha Amendment requires federal lawyers to follow that very same state Confidentiality law.
[Murtha was chair of Appropriations.]

The flaw is fatal. It can happen to anyone. EVERYONE HAS NOTICED… Black Live Matter, Kids for Cash, a Foreclosure Crisis based on robosigned and fake deeds.

The lawyers must capitulate – or face the aggressive discipline of the state Supreme Court. ALL LAWYERS. At every level of court and law enforcement. The flaw is fatal.

There is no escape. If you survive, your survival is consider a declaration of war against a District Attorney “who spends his/her professional career learning hows to [screw] others.”

Every person to whom you turn for help will be discovered to be working against you.

Since 2007, and the recent round launched 2015, It is happening to me… and to make the mater even more difficult, the court acting without jurisdiction, without hearing, without evidence, without testimony has compelled a Public Defender to represent me.

The Public Defender will not meet or speak with me. They act on my behalf AGAINST MY BEST INTEREST.

The Public Defender actually knows their assignment is void, and without any authority because the court lacked jurisdiction. They fail to comply with any court orders.

The Public Defender has been assigned to prevent any action by myself – they have taken my voice. This prevents me from filing statements, petitions or documents. I file, the Clerk stamps, then rejects and send to the Public Defender who fails to file the document on my behalf. Remember, the Public Defender has no authority to act on my behalf – their assignment is void.

‘Acting on my behalf’ they deliberately neglect necessary documents which undermine their effort – THEIR FARCE IS EXPOSED.

To prevent any actions at all, the Public Defender reassigns the case within their own office. This is strategicalloy designed to prevent appeals. You are prevented from filing an Appeal. You can’t contact your Public Defender. If you do, their first statement is they no longer represent you. Running our the deadlines for appeal. They cannot file the Appeal – (Remember, the Public Defender has no authority to act on my behalf – their assignment is void.) You are being prevented from filing any appeal by the defective and void order issued without jurisdiction.

The Public Defenders, there have been 5 so far, are trying to avoid doing anything which could create a liability for them.

The chaos of their actions is strategic. The chaos is designed to overwhelm. The chaos is intended to distract from the fact that THE COURT LACKS JURISDICTION IN THIS MATTER. The Court can never resolve the matter which is before them. BUT, If they are able to convert the matter into a contempt, or alternate crime, the DA will proceed from on that single issue and use the chaos created to cause it as evidence of a frustrating situation – CONVERSION TO AN ADMINISTRATIVE SOLUTION.

Yes, they have been pushing for a SUICIDE SOLUTION since 2007.
Yes, they have attempted to convert to an ADMINISTRATIVE SOLUTION ever since.
They now fail to accomplish the CRIMINAL SOLUTION since 2015. An EPIC FAILURE which has expanded to include aggressive investigation, intrusive surveillance, there are no boundaries to the effort to isolate or implicate/involve in a crime or to provoke violence.

I have been unemployed and destitute since 2007. I am prevented from any government benefit or resource – financial or medical. Homeless – the DA is protecting those who stole my home, filed and received the title insurance, and have taken out loans using my house as the collateral. Profits of about $1 million. The DA won’t prosecute that crime or the direct death threat (5 pages) which was delivered via the District Attorneys Office. A document which plans provisions and trains for my murder based on acknowledged fiction.

They have conducted a case which has been a farce since 2007 – when that first Order without jurisdiction was issued in August 2007. Twenty-two judges on the Montgomery County Bench have participated in the on-going farce.

The present matter is related. Judge Duffy lacked jurisdiction to escalate the matter to the Court of Common Pleas. This triggered a deliberate neglect by the ADA to follow the Rules of Criminal Procedure. Because, they knew they were acting without jurisdiction – there was no need to abide any rule, procedure, law or constitutional right.

I have survived only because I learned to file statements before each proceeding.

They have countered with the farce representation by the Public Defenders – because that prevents my voice, prevents my filing the statements. I had indicated this as an action of sabotage.

When Jurisdiction is ignored, by everyone. You’re dead. There is no such thing as retroactive jurisdiction. There is no excuse for acting without jurisdiction. Once it occurs, JURISDICTION will be the unmentioned neglected missing piece to every discussion, document, order and opinion. They will inflict an overwhelming volume of chaos to distract and misdirect. When it all comes down to a simple NECESSITY.

But, The problem with the Confidentiality law is that it is Confidential.

Sent to the entire Montgomery County Public Defenders office

Date: Mon, Apr 3, 2017 at 9:09 AM
Subject: Unending corruption of Montgomery County
To: dbeer@montcopa.org, pdangelo@montcopa.org, dmarone@montcopa.org, rroberts@montcopa.org
Cc: fzeock@montcopa.org, mwarren@montcopa.org, itorres@montcopa.org, dtheveny@montcopa.org, ktaxis@montcopa.org, csweeney@montcopa.org, msontchi@montcopa.org, rsimon@montcopa.org, csilveri@montcopa.org, mschanba@montcopa.org, tross@montcopa.org, srosenberg@montcopa.org, erideout@montcopa.org, lpetrill@montcopa.org, epeterse@montcopa.org, kpemment@montcopa.org, lortiz@montcopa.org, gnester@montcopa.org, dmontows@montcopa.org, cmiller3@montcopa.org, rmadden@montcopa.org, jkravitz@montcopa.org, hkranzel@montcopa.org, akostyk@montcopa.org, akosinsk@montcopa.org, akatzman@montcopa.org, ljones@montcopa.org, djohnson@montcopa.org, mjohn@montcopa.org, khudson@montcopa.org, chosay@montcopa.org, khoran@montcopa.org, shayden@montcopa.org, kgrimsru@montcopa.org, ggriffit@montcopa.org, dgreensp@montcopa.org, egrant@montcopa.org, wgordon@montcopa.org, cfortune@montcopa.org, mdayoc@montcopa.org, adaniels@montcopa.org, bcooper@montcopa.org, econey@montcopa.org, pcassidy@montcopa.org, ncasey@montcopa.org, gcardena@montcopa.org, dcaglia@montcopa.org, wburnett@montcopa.org, ebrogan@montcopa.org, tbowman@montcopa.org, lalexan1@montcopa.org

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