A Federal indictment of a Judge, Constable and Police Chief indicated their ability to obtain SHAM DEFAULT JUDGMENTS.

They each have immediate family members in positions which control Default Judgments (Prothonotary) AND SHERIFFS DEPARTMENT personnel who can sell your home right out from under you at Sheriffs Sale…. while you are denied hearings, any constitutional rights, and any protection of the law.

The District Attorney ignores complaints and does nothing… permitting fraud, burglary, threats, intimidation, harassment…

If anyone attempts to expose their corruption… THEY WILL DESTROY YOU. They have the resources in place and law enforcement in their control. They will ruin your life, destroy your finances, take your homes… because they can, and no one will stop them.

Apparently, Senator McIlhinney is very afraid. He was directed to IGNORE… and he has hidden ever since.





Copies of the Documents set for filing and delivery to Bucks County Prothonotary, Sheriff, District Attorneys, etc…

Delivery to Bucks County President Judge Jeffrey Finley (Judges Chambers)

Delivery to Bucks County District Attorney Matt Weintraub (District Attorneys Office)
Copy delivered to Michelle Henry – First Assistant District Attorney, Former District Attorney, and (pending) First Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania

Delivery to Bucks County Sheriff Edward Donnelly

Delivery to Pennsylvania Senator Charles McIlhinney

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