The Foreclosure Crisis, Churches hiding Predators, Kids for Cash, Black Lives Matter, American Injustice Ignored….

When the Judiciary enacts laws pursuant to their authority to direct the administration of the courts, it is conditional. Rules enacted by the Judiciary may not abridge or affect the constitutional rights of litigants.


Once the Courts improperly enact an unconstitutional law, There is a conflict of interest which prevents the Courts from reviewing the constitutionality of their law.

The Legislature has no precedent for reviewing constitutionality, NOR does the Governor.

The Legislature COULD suspend any law. (Article I Section 12)

The Governor COULD call to assemble the Legislature to suspend the law. (Article IV Section 12)

The Rules of Civil Procedure, The Rules of Appellate Procedure, etc… have been enacted by the Judiciary. The Legislature was not involved, there was no proper construction of the law, no constitutional review, no input, no vote, no signature by the Governor.

The assumption is that these laws abide by the state Constitutions and the Constitution of the US.

When that assumption is WRONG, the courts suggested they have the authority to promulgate the law provided by the state constitution. Further suggesting that anything they enact is constitutional because they cannot enact an unconstitutional law.


“… if such rules are consistent with the Constitution and neither abridge, enlarge or modify the substantive right of any litigant,…”

There is no provision in the constitution for the review of laws enacted by the Judiciary pursuant to Article V Section 10(c).

The Public Trust is a necessity for the Judicial branch of government. Where the Public Trust is violated, Law Enforcement, the Legislature and the Governor have a responsibility to “support, obey and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of this Commonwealth” and to “discharge the duties of [their] office with fidelity”. This includes duties which provide for their government and the Public Trust in the Judiciary.

BUT, ….


Another improperly enacted and unconstitutional law enacted by the Judiciary affects EVERYTHING.

Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information. Rule 1.6 is an aggressively enforced mandate of confidentiality and non-disclosure. It is a core part of the Rules of Professional Conduct required of lawyers and legal professionals which is aggressively enforced through disciplinary processes defined by the Judiciary. When enacted, Confidentiality was no longer discretionary, it became mandatory.

Lawyers cannot expose an unconstitutional law where it will adversely affect the integrity of the judiciary.

Lawyers are also permitted to conceal the problem through FRAUD IN THE FURTHERANCE and FRAUD TO PREVENT RESOLUTION. The fraud provisions were removed from the Rules Of Professional Conduct by the American Bar Association before being presented to the state Supreme Courts.

When the Legislators seek advice from their lawyers, they may be misinformed and misdirected. That FRAUD IN THE FURTHERANCE / FRAUD TO PREVENT RESOLUTION is held confidential.

When the Governor seeks advice from his General Counsel, the Governor may be misinformed and misdirected. That FRAUD IN THE FURTHERANCE / FRAUD TO PREVENT RESOLUTION is held confidential.

An unconstitutional Confidentiality law mandates that their fraudulent actions be concealed – INCLUDING concealing that there is no process for the review of unconstitutional laws enacted by the judiciary.

The Judiciary is not authorized to promulgate any unconstitutional law.


Lawyers and legal professionals can prevent and obstruct the issue from judicial review.

The Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6 was filed in August 2013 and served to all state Attorneys General. The state Attorneys General defaulted. EVERY STATE DEFAULTED. It is reasonable to believe that when fifty-six (56) state Attorneys General have been served with a Constitutional Challenge, and ALL FAIL TO RESPOND BY THE DEADLINE ASSIGNED BY THE COURT, it is a deliberate and intentional and coordinated action. As such Rule 1.6 should have been declared unconstitutional.

But, one attorney filed an unexplained and unexcused late response, this provided the clerks an opportunity to fabricate and misrepresent the facts of the case and prevent the case from going before a judge.

The clerks had also deliberately neglected to certify the constitutional question to each state Supreme Court. Certification simply asks each state Court to indicate if the law is constitutional, or not. The deliberate negligence to certify and obtain the response of each state Court avoided each state Supreme Court from a review of the law in their state; prevented any false statement regarding constitutionality; and avoided any adverse affect to judicial integrity. AVOIDING AND IGNORING THE ISSUE ENTIRELY.

Upon improper dismissal, the Appeal to the Third Circuit raised the procedural negligence in the lower court and addressed the misinformation in the lower court’s dismissal. The Clerks quickly reopened the lower court docket as it as necessary to indicate service to the US Attorney General which had been neglected. The Constitutional Challenge was delivered to the US Attorney in Philadelphia (An attorney permitted to conceal any inaction.)

Clerks (lawyers) in the Third Circuit prevented the appeal from review by the Federal Appeals Court.

While it is the professional responsibility for lawyers to promote and pursue justice, in accordance with the Rule of Law enacted by the Legislature, and the state and federal constitutions, the lawyers have chosen to undermine the constitutional rights of litigants nationwide… AND to hold the judiciary hostage to their fraudulent actions which must be held confidential pursuant to an unconstitutional law.

An unconstitutional law can provide no defense for the deliberate actions which undermine rights guaranteed by the Constitutions. It has been over 30 years that lawyers, legal professionals and law enforcement have concealed injustice and denied constitutional rights. WHY? It has always been wrong to deny any person of their rights. It always will be wrong.

The proper thing to do is for lawyers to recognize the constitutional crisis and remain silent and inactive – actions permitted by the unconstitutional law which must be abided until it is declared unconstitutional.

Allowing the Legislature to suspend the improper law will permit lawyers to join the discussion of the affect on the Constitutional Rights of Americans.

Every American can be subjected to denial of any protection of the law and the denial of their constitutional rights – while explanations for those unjust and corrupt actions are not disclosed, or are fraudulent, or are held completely confidential.

Every American includes former Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane whose actions seeking to address and resolve the matter were met with false allegations of perjury, false prosecution, false statements by witnesses granted immunity MULTIPLE times. Kane was prevented from presenting any defense where every avenue for possible defense was denied by Court Orders which were unexplained. This includes a transcript of the complaint presented to Judge Carpenter, Special Prosecutor Thomas Carluccio, and two former employees of the Office of Attorney General. None of whom testified at the criminal hearing. The transcript was ordered to be destroyed and forgotten.

Justice is coming. It is inevitable.

Until then, the lawyers continue to undermine the state and federal judiciary. The lawyers usurp the Constitutional Rights of EVERY American. The lawyers GET PAID by the very clients they fail to fully represent. They avoid discipline for their actions which must be held confidential. The disciplinary proceedings are also held confidential.

(Not every lawyer is aware of what occurred, their training has deliberately misguided them to believe that Rule 1.6 is Attorney Client Privilege. The unconstitutional injustice served upon their clients is reprehensible while their non-disclosure is mandatory.)

Rule 1.6 is incorporated into most every aspect of the Rules of Professional Conduct by cross reference.

Rule 1.6 is the needle in the haystack of American Injustice.

The American Bar Association has committed a deliberate act of treason in their efforts which undermine the state and federal judiciary. The American Bar Association promoted their Model Rules to each state Supreme Court from 1983 through 2009 starting in the larger more populated jurisdictions. CLEARLY, it is not in their interests to expose their crimes, or how it has profited their membership.

Senator Elizabeth Warren,

Senator Elizabeth Warren, if you want to know why the banks were not prosecuted for the foreclosure crisis, consider that while using fraudulent documents and robo-signed deeds ANY lawyer could foreclose on a persons property while their client identification could be held confidential. With all of the paperwork being handled by the lawyers and clerks, it is entirely possible the banks were not involved… just left holding the blame for something the bank lawyers could also not reveal.

If a bank was prosecuted, the mandate of confidentiality would be excused to permit the defense…
Lucky for the ABA that the prosecutors are lawyers mandated by Rule 1.6 in the state, and in local rules of Federal Court, and McDade-Murtha Amendment.

An improperly enacted and unconstitutional STATE law is preventing justice and denying the rights guaranteed by the US Constitution in EVERY STATE AND FEDERAL COURT… and the lawyers are keeping the secret.

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