Are you aware that suggesting, protesting or accusing the judicial branch of being corrupt can be misinterpreted as attempting to overthrow the government… and can be prosecuted.

There were grand jury movements which gained momentum, but were quashed because they attacked the judiciary.

This is just a small part of the realization of how difficult it is to address THE CONSTITUTIONAL CHALLENGE OF RULE 1.6

LAWYERS may not expose it.

Each state Supreme Court enacted Rule 1.6 Confidentiality.  There was no consideration of how corruption and injustice would be ignored by the legal profession and the courts as a result of Rule 1.6 Confidentiality.  No thought about how confidentiality could prevent a litigant from their Constitutional rights AND deny them any protection under the law.  AND IT DID.

PROBLEM: As the exclusive deciders of what is or is not Constitutional, the judiciary have a conflict of interest which prevents the law from review.  The Judiciary have made it illegal for the Confidentiality issue to be exposed as unconstitutional – even by the judiciary.

The Judiciary is permitted to enact laws, BUT only if they don’t affect the rights of a litigant.  So, the judiciary didn’t have the authority to enact their Confidentiality law.


Where lawyers are permitted to commit fraud in the furtherance to maintain confidentiality EVEN GETTING THE CASE INTO A FEDERAL COURT IS  PROBLEMATIC.  The lawyers and clerks in the federal courts follow the state rules and can neglect or prevent the case from getting to a judge.

That’s obstruction of justice and denial of access to the courts.  But, you can’t get the issue in front of a judge.  The Constitutional Challenge filed in August 2013 and served to EVERY state Attorney General encountered a dismissal EVEN AFTER EVERY STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL HAD DEFAULTED.

The Legislators who have the authority to suspend the bad law ARE MISINFORMED AND MISDIRECTED BY THEIR OWN PERSONAL LAWYERS, or encounter OBSTRUCTIVE EFFORTS BY LAWYERS IN THE LEGISLATURE and the JUDICIARY COMMITTEES CREATE A HUGE HURDLE.  (They are also the ones who have been modifying Rule 1.6 to require confidentiality where it is not already covered by the unconstitutional law.  Bread crumbs pointing to their deliberate injustice, corruption and treason.

A non-lawyer governor could expose the bad law and assemble the state legislature.  BUT, the governor has a team of lawyers which prevent the issue from ever getting to the Governor and actively prevent meetings.

The biggest problem with the unconstitutional Confidentiality law is that IT IS CONFIDENTIAL.


If you aren’t grasping how it affects people, look at the issues nationwide which are flat out ignored by the courts, or find the point in your case where all explanations stopped, where the litigation went off the rails.  

People likely started saying things like THEY CANT DO THAT! and thinking you misunderstood or were crazy.  And when they witness the chaos first hand, it is frightening.  They can become targets just for providing support.


I summed it up this way on my web site and it turned out to be the method by which the victims of Rule 1.6 can be identified.

“I am a sane man dealing with an absolutely insane situation. Every person in a position to help has acted improperly in direct violation of procedures and the law preventing the resolution of any matter… they each make the situation worse… NO ONE HELPED… NO ONE COULD HELP… until the Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6.”

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