1. One particular predatory tactic is to find out enough information to explain the issue in a manner consistent with the belief you want to encourage. This can later be expanded to generally explain a story while subtly modifying it to the interpretation.

2. Isolation. Never letting the target out of sight. Restrict or prevent interaction with family or friends.

3. Physically and emotionally wear down the target. Lie. Embarass. Intimidate. This can be done with words or gestures, expressions of disapproval, verbal insults, badgering, or more dehumanizing efforts.

4. Limit contact to others similarly targeted creates a form of peer pressure.

5. Repetition of the message. Present the same phrases over and over. Emphasize certain key words or phrases. Mimicking the rhythm of the human heartbeat. This can be enhanced with lighting that’s not too dim or too harsh and a room temperature to encourage relaxation.

6. Never letting the target have time to think. Prevent time alone. Bombard the target with repetition his can mean simply never letting the victim have time alone, or it can mean bombarding the victim with repetition while discouraging questions.

7. Presenting an “us vs. them” mentality where the stated goal is right and the outside world is wrong.

8. Reward and threaten punishment. Positive experiences are the reward for thinking as desired. Threaten punishment for disobedience.

9. Repeat and involve. Test in several ways with the results determining how much reinforcement is required.

10. Committing criminal acts together builds the relationship.

11. Do NOT allow the target to become aware of how he or she was manipulated.

12. Do NOT allow exposure to multiple options, or contradictions which challenge the desired beliefs.

13. Discourage individual decisions.

14. Create anxiety about making decisions and excuse shame about making a “wrong” decision.

15. Master emotions to make people receptive to your contrived feelings.

16. Convince others that you’ll be very distressed if you don’t get what you want in a calm manner using techniques for making your needs sound very convincing.

17. Establish similarity. Mirror body language.

18. Pacing and intonation patterns are persuasive methods for convincing people to do something.

19. Charismatic people have a tendency to get what they want.
– Smile and control the room.
– Make eye contact.
– Address their feelings.
– Show them that you really care about them—even if you don’t.
– Exude confidence – people will be much more likely to take you seriously and to give in to your needs.
– Be confident when you say something whether it’s true or just another creation.
– Be glib when addressing any challenges.

20. Read people. Different emotional and psychological actions are effective for different reasons.

21. Where susceptible to emotional responses to get what you want, you’ll have to play to emotions until they feel for you and give you what you want.

22. Other people have a strong guilt reflex. With these people, the answer is obvious — make them feel guilty for not giving you what you want until they give in.

23. Some people are more receptive to a rational approach. The logically minded, informed people need facts and evidence before making a decision. This may require persuasive efforts.

A). First make an unreasonable request, knowing it will be rejected, and then follow it up by a more reasonable request. It will sound much more appealing in comparison.

B). Make an unusual request before the real request. An unusual request throws a person off guard so much that he can’t think to disagree.

C). To reach a rational person, you have to keep emotion out of it or you won’t get what you want. Act like what you want is the only logical thing to do. Make the person feel ridiculous for not seeing it your way.


Ready for the jaw dropping surprise?

The above information are the documented tactics used by cults and con artists for brainwashing and manipulating people.

Now ask yourself why the District Attorney and the Judge are employing tactics instead of fact, truthfulness and candor. Why are brainwashing and manipulative tactics being used to DISMISS, MISDIRECT AND IGNORE THE TRUTH in a proceeding which seeks to learn the TRUTH?

All of the above were demonstrated during the hearings to prosecute Kathleen Kane. The targets of the manipulations were the jury.

The jury had the addition affect caused by the instructions of the judge which did NOT allow for any finding other than guilty.

Brainwashing and manipulation tactics should not be encouraged nor endorsed in the justice system.

Where those testifying are also demonstrated and admitted liars who have received immunity for any and every false statement in their past, present and future… the proceeding becomes a farce which only purports to seek the truth.


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