Kane0215“I wake up every day knowing that I’m right. I’m right. If I thought I was wrong, if I thought I did something wrong, I would never put anyone through this. Never. But I know I’m right. And I know there’s a greater good to this.

I don’t want to sound like I think I’m some sort of martyr. If anybody asked me to choose this, would I choose it? Probably not. I’d probably say, ‘No, thank you.’

But I’m in it now. I guess I just see a reason for it. And I do have faith. I have a lot of faith that good conquers evil.”

kane460x“When you make a little graph about it, you’ve got the judge, the prosecutor, and the defense attorney.

How the hell are you supposed to go in [to court] and expect you’re getting any justice?

And to me, it felt like there’s now total chaos in the system, and I’ve never seen that before.

If I talk to other lawyers, they’ll say, ‘Oh, we’ve known for years the state Supreme Court has been corrupt. Oh, the Disciplinary Board? That’s been a joke for years.’ But I never saw it. So to me, it was a shocking moment.”

kane_03112015“I knew that if I resigned, this whole debacle, this whole network, none of this would have come out. And I think it’s a good thing I didn’t resign, because maybe the path I’m on is to show the problem, and maybe someone can fix it.”

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