I have waited a few days to give all the information, activities and WTF-edness time to get sorted and allow my brain a chance to recompile.

I still believe in Kathleen Kane.

I understand THAT statement will be promptly challenged by many… the haters, the political operatives, the disillusioned, etc…

I will post an expanded explanation of the logic behind my opinion. I do some of my best thinking while typing. (The programmer side of me that analyzes as I write. IF, THEN, ELSE. It’s logical.)

There’s more to it than just a vibe, feeling, a personal want, or denial.

Not only do I still believe in KATHLEEN KANE, I have even more respect for her.
– I had no choice but to be in the litigious situation caused by my wife and her lawyers.
– I believe that when Kathleen Kane found herself personally ORDERED to neglect the duties of the Office of the Attorney General she investigated the unusual ‘secret order from unidentified courts’ and as a result she became the target of a very aggressive campaign to conceal the RULE 1.6 issue.

Most aspects are extensively over-documented at www.work2bdone.com/live. Post vary based on the audience intended. If one post doesn’t quite make sense, try another.

I attended the Montgomery County hearings each day. Between subtle and obvious observations, events and statements, there is reason to believe that IT AIN’T OVER QUITE YET.

Justice is coming.


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