Cleary, Bruce Castor still follows the Pennsylvania District Attorneys Playbook. When responding to anything which could be important BE SURE TO INCLUDE ERRORS AND DISINFORMATION.

In his email to OAG employees:

“I have learned that some of you received emails notifying you that your names may be included in the Buckley Sandler Report.”

– The news reports indicate those involved received letters, not email.

– The Gansler Report has been renamed?  And named for the law firm where the SPECIAL ATTORNEY GENERAL works.

“I want to reassure you that the report and all attachments are now with me for review, and cannot be released without my approval.”

– Castor has had the report for months.  Since mid- May.

– There is nothing in the Doug Gansler contract which indicates the report is to be delivered to Castor, as counsel or as Acting AG.

– There is no requirement for the report to be approved by Castor before release.  HE JUST MADE THAT UP.

“I am reminding General Gansler of that today.”

– I wonder how hard Doug Gansler laughed at that reminder from Castor.

“When there is more to report, I will let you know. Please don’t be anxious. I am conferring with Senior Staff on how to proceed.”

– His tenure as Acting AG will be less than 100 hours.  If the staff find his words reassuring then they didn’t read the other article about how everyone hates Bruce Castor.

It seems to me that Castor has double crossed the Governor and the OAG in his efforts to prevent the Gansler Report.  Why else would the Governor act fast by bringing Bruce Beemer back to the OAG.

Unless Bruce has written ANOTHER MANIFESTO? Commissioner Bruce Castor “schooled in how to really hurt you” and “to [screw] others”

I wrote a few weeks ago about Bruce Castor and Stacy Parks Miller. Where Stacy had failed to recognize the difference between an ‘abuse of power’ and a ‘crime’. A nuance of Rule 1.6 Confidentiality Privileges.
When a District Attorney forges a Judge’s signature, it is a crime.
When a member of the DA’s staff forges a judge’s signature, the District Attorney can ignore it. THAT is an ‘abuse of power’.

The Gansler Report is the mechanism by which the government can be called to correct itself.

On a personal note: Without Bruce Castor there never would have been a Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6. In 2007, District Attorney Bruce Castor was the first person to whom I had turned for help when my divorce became terroristic. Castor did nothing. NOTHING. Not so much as a phone call or response to any letter about the corruption, injustice and unconstitutional actions in Montgomery County. It was too late, once the County had joined the effort to destroy me, the matter was off the rails. I would be harassed, investigated, ignored, homeless, destitute, no custody, no visitation, forced to pay child support while unemployed, arrested and jailed for violating a non-existent order, robbed, beaten, demeaned, humiliated etc…

The experience began in January 2007. It was not until 2013 that the statement at the top of this web page was answered. One improperly enacted and collaterally unconstitutional law which defies correction or resolution. Rule 1.6 COnfidentiality of Information. Every level of state and federal law enforcement wasn’t ignoring me, they were keeping the problem CONFIDENTIAL.

I have no obligation for confidentiality. I have no respect for those who watch people destroyed and maintain silence because of a SINGLE BAD LAW enacted in every state and leading to a Constitutional Crisis in the USA – that lawyers can’t quite explain away.

Justice is coming.


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