My theory on Facebook stupidity has been proven. It’s an organized effort.

The ultimate proof occurred when a person who kept interrupting a discussion, and preventing the discussion, and inflicting his OPINIONS but suggesting they were facts, refusing to be ignored… Apparently butthurt, he reported the following comment for ‘not following the Facebook Community Standards.” .

I had written:
“Are you one of those trolls who just writes stupid stuff to see if people will let you interrupt their discussion. Like a rude child trying to get attention. Run along…”


Anyone who has encountered the trolls on Facebook, or anywhere online, would be hard pressed to even describe the post as argumentative. Yet, it resulted in a restriction on EVERYTHING. No posts, No replies, No updates, No groups posts, No messaging, NO FACEBOOK COMMUNICATION AT ALL WITH ANYONE. This new flavor of “Facebook Jail” seems aggressive as punishment for telling someone to RUN ALONG.

The truth of the matter is simple. In one day, I exposed about 15 fake accounts. People who post fake stories and attempt to encourage hate. There were also a few who flaunted their Facebook Law Degree by inflicting fake law scripts which suggest ridiculous legal activity – made hopeless because the Queen of England runs the world – but, they fail to support their info. When they used their info to support their info, it showed them as FRAUDS.

I’ve been watching the posts of these people for years. I read their ‘crazy’ horseshit. I watched how they distributed it. Never their own articles, just hateful misleading writing of other PUBLISHED on web sites. Always absent facts. Always presenting OPINION, but trying to call it fact. Always presenting falsehoods, but trying to call them facts.

I TESTED MY THEORY… I questioned everything. I used logic. I was polite. I challenged facts. Their unsupported facts were substantiated by opinions. I pressed for their motivation for posting disinformation.

Nobody blocked me. Their “friends”, fake friends, attacked with all kinds of insults and names. Some suggested there is a First Amendment Right to provide their opinion even if it is not fact. Um, NO, there is not.

There have been harassment teams. I watched their tactics. Studied. Learned. Identified. Once their tactic was identified and stated, their effort became less tactical and more like a pidgeon shitting all over the place and acting like it was winning.

It has always disgusted me that these teams were often organized to demoralize and attack parents going through divorce, custody and parental alienation. When you survive 10 years of this type of situation, you learn to recognize and notice the patterns and scripts. Outlasting quite a few pretenders. Exposing others with their subsequent disappearance. There are some true and sincere people helping other people – and they also know the fakes.

It should come as no surprise that there are disinformation teams. Often, the disinformation seeks to create anger and hate and violence. There is also a specialized disinformation team that focuses on legal-eze. Large long chaotic unorganized documents with silly legal references. They often try to convince you that the world is flat, and all lawyers report directly to the Queen of England. They seem to think that because they have provided this information to you, multiple times, in the exact same form and structure, you are expected to believe it. I do have a big problem when people try to humiliate other people. For that reason, I try not to interact with those in this category. BUT, they seek me out. They are ever determined to be the one to “help me understand”. I also see them interacting with people who are looking for help. They disgust me.

The easiest thing to do would be to attack the “Rule 1.6 issue”. I offered it everywhere it fit. SO, YES. EVERYWHERE.

UNTOUCHED. Perhaps because EVERY time someone has challenged my information they have been proven wrong. Discussion has only served to advance my point. I answered the questions. Never avoided or sidestepped. The result was honing my ability to get the answer in as few sentences as possible; and knowing where they would strike to try to disprove me. Their zeal for attacking issues related to a concept they were not aware of previously was remarkable.

In the last few weeks, I have been placing blame firmly with the American Bar Association. The only way they can avoid the inevitable exposure of their treason and the decimation of the Public Trust in the Judiciary would be riots, civil war, cataclysm.

I think an organization which has so determinedly acted without morals, ethics, scruples, or empathy to cause, conceal and prevent correction of a deliberate act which undermined EVERY state and federal judiciary; and which denied and prevented the constitutional rights of Americans; and where their MEMBERS have acted to conceal their corruption and prevent correction;…


They sure as fuck do not intend to participate in their own rehabilitation.

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