castorholeI don’t think Bruce Castor has found redemption.
He is still the man he described in a threat-filled Manifesto.

He’s still using Rule 1.6 for evil. Just hours after blocking The Gansler Report, Castor filed in federal court leveraging that the effort which conceals Rule 1.6 corruption would score a few million dollars for District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller.

When Stacy Parks Miller failed to understand how Rule 1.6 Confidentiality concealed corruption and crime within the Office of the District Attorney, she forged a judge’s signature and quickly learned the difference between a crime… and an abuse of power.

A DA who commits forgery cannot assert attorney-client privilege to prevent prosecution. IT’S A CRIME.

However, the DA’s staff benefits from that privilege which MANDATES confidentiality and non-disclosure. Permitting any corruption and crime within law enforcement to be completely ignored is AN ABUSE OF POWER.

Not understanding the nuance of the privilege, there was no intervention to prevent the investigation into Parks-Miller’s crime.

After the PA Office of the Attorney General chose not to prosecute the crime, Parks Miller decided to rise up in righteous indignation against those who attempted to prosecute her. She would retaliate against those who witnessed, exposed and investigated. Her CRIME was unintentional… She had intended to commit an ABUSE OF POWER. However, her retaliation was intentional, vindictive, contrived … and incomprehensible because the issue with the confidentiality she didn’t understand is CONFIDENTIAL.

Leveraging the “courtesy” of the OAG which did not prosecute … and … efforts which prevent exposure that Rule 1.6 is corrupt, unconstitutional and was improperly enacted by the judiciary without Legislature, Governor or review for constitutionality. Bruce Castor was hired to file a federal civil suit seeking millions in damages which failed to indicate that his client has intended an ABUSE OF POWER and not a CRIME.

It would be incorrect to interpret an OAG decision to ‘not prosecute’ to mean that a crime did not occur.

It could be said that Bruce Castor was playing every sides of Rule 1.6 corruption. That would be accurate. But, he was aware that the effort to conceal Rule 1.6 was tremendous and MANDATORY. Castor aggressively retaliates against people who could not be expected to know the subtle nuances between the CRIME and the ABUSE OF POWER. Also, THEY COULD NOT BE INFORMED OF THOSE DIFFERENCES BECAUSE IT WOULD VIOLATE PRIVILEGED INFORMATION.

Several reports of Castor’s filings being incomprehensible would be logical and expected where Castor had to avoid any references to Rule 1.6 Confidentiality. Rule 1.6 nondisclosure applies to itself. Even the indication that non-disclosure is pursuant to Rule 1.6 Confidentiality violates Rule 1.6 Confidentiality.

Bruce Castor is a Special District Attorney in Centre County appointed by the Centre County District Attorney whom he is representing in a federal civil suit against Centre County officials. Castor demonstrates his ability to ignore rules, laws, ethics, conflicts or constitutions.

Exposing the devastating effects of an unconstitutional law enacted by the PA Supreme court would adversely affect the integrity of the court. The PA Supreme court lacked jurisdiction to review the constitutionality of their own improper law. Additionally, the PA Supreme Court would have a conflict of interest regarding any effort to review. Indicating the Supreme Court’s conflict of interest would violate Rule 1.6 Confidentiality.

Rule 1.6 had concealed Cash for Kids, the Sandusky molestations, The Foreclosure crisis, … Rule 1.6 had allowed injustice to ruin people’s lives while being completely ignored by law enforcement. The reports (by lawyers) were sanitized to avoid indicating the problem with confidentiality was confidential. Rule 1.6 prevented the reports on those scandals from indicating that Rule 1.6 caused the scandals to be ignored until someone violated Rule 1.6. Those whistleblowers were disciplined in confidential proceedings.

Bruce Castor knew that he was leveraging even more with his retaliatory legal action. Rule 1.6 is not exclusive to Pennsylvania. The American Bar Association had promoted it to EVERY state.

An UNCONSTITUTONAL confidentiality law which causes a defendant to be denied ALL Constitutional rights AND prevented from any protection of the law AND left without any remedy or resolution EVER. That you may not have heard of it is indicative of its affect. All over the US, it could be witnessed in the inexplicable failure to offer any reasonable explanation for inaction by law enforcement. Every American Injustice which has been ignored shows the affect of a Rule 1.6 mandate of confidentiality. There have been scandals, riots and protests nationwide. The problem was not any of the things which were suggested – race, sex, nationality, gender, guns, police, hatred, religion. The problem was the thing not mentioned because the confidentiality problem is CONFIDENTIAL

Rule 1.6 has undermined the state and federal judiciary and denied people of their constitutionally protected rights NATIONWIDE. The cause of the constitutional crisis in America which had been concealed since 1984.

Bruce Castor was clearly going “ALL IN”. But, He had personal experience to leverage.

As District Attorney in Montgomery County, Bruce Castor had understood Rule 1.6. He protected the privileged information of his staff. Castor didn’t make the Parks-Miller mistake. Castor had people to do things for him. The law required him to protect them.

Castor ignored the victims of injustice and crimes. He did so pursuant to Rule 1.6 by simply ignoring them. The Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association provided training.

Risa Vetri Ferman followed that same playbook. Where she rose from the ranks in the DA’s office, she had her own skeletons which Castor had ignored. It was necessary to secure those skeletons as Rule 1.6 would not apply now that she was District Attorney. Grand Juries were utilized to provide Confidentiality for past misdeeds, while current staff activities would be protected by Rule 1.6.

Ferman ignored the victims of injustice and crimes. Persistence by victims was met with retaliatory injustice which was very aggressive. Administrative Resolutions left victims homeless and destitute; OR incarcerated; OR victims of Suicide.

Ferman brought a false perjury charge against Attorney General Kathleen Kane who had looked into the injustice and constitutional issues.

Ferman brought charges of terroristic threats after a man notified PA Governor Tom Wolf, and the entire PA Legislature of his personal experience with the courts, 10 years of injustice and an unconstitutional Confidentiality. The course of that criminal action demonstrates the complete failure to follow any procedure or law by an assistant District Attorney. His rights are disregarded where pursuant to Rule 1.6, the ADA must be protected from prosecution by a District Attorney. (Commonwealth v. Healy)

The failure to follow the laws of the Commonwealth leaves the judge without jurisdiction in the criminal case.

The failure to follow the laws of the Commonwealth leaves the ADA without a client in the criminal case. Every action is an Abuse of Power Under Color of Law with Intent to Intimidate and Harass. She continues to terrorize in the name of the DA who conceals the corruption and abuse. They have NO OFFICIAL AUTHORITY, they continue to terrorize while the judge ignores their farce. One person who could intervene, the Attorney General, remains silent while facing the same corruption and abuse in the next courtroom.

Kevin Steele has inherited the retaliatory actions of Ferman, and the ongoing farce of the criminal prosecutions, and the grand juries.

Preventing the exposure of decades of corrupt, unconstitutional and retaliatory actions of Montgomery County, the Rule 1.6 Confidentiality Problem is ripe for exposure and resolution.

Staffers in the OAG have made allegations against Attorney General Kathleen Kane. Kane has denied the allegations. Montgomery County has charged her with Perjury.

Kane has been silent.

Kane is prevented from disclosing any criminal or corrupt activities by the OAG staff – clients pursuant to Rule 1.6 privilege – unless defending herself before a tribunal. The Gansler Report will likely provide tremendous insight.

Kane is NOT permitted to indicate that Rule 1.6 factors in the case, because THAT would indicate the existence of privileged information which must be kept confidential. Rule 1.6 prevents the indication that Rule 1.6 is a factor in the matter. There have been aggressive and coercive efforts seeking to get that statement which could result in disbarrment. Kane has been silent.

Rule 1.6 would prevent prosecution of corrupt OAG staff, but not prevent them from being fired. Court Orders from Montgomery County were issued to prevent retaliatory termination. When fired for causes Kane could not disclose or prosecute, the staffers alleged retaliation and contempt in further litigation.

Attorney General Kathleen Kane has contracted Doug Gansler on behalf of the Commonwealth. Kane was determined to eliminate any confidentiality privilege from the review of OAG email. Within the OAG, the comfort of mandatory confidentiality concealed abuse of power, corruption and crimes, The Gansler Report would indicate any improper activities’; include pornographic email; include efforts to ignore the victims of injustice and crimes; and offer indications of any coordinated efforts seeking to undermine AG Kane.

Bruce Castor, now Solicitor General in the OAG, has received the Gansler Report and rejected it. Rule 1.6 mandates his effort to prevent privileged information from being disclosed.

Bruce Castor would prevent it from AG Kane and the OAG.
Governor Wolf would be blocked by the Office of General Counsel.
The Legislature would be blocked by the Leadership, their counsel and the Senate and House Judiciary Committees.

The State Police is the only law enforcement organization unencumbered by the Rule 1.6 confidentiality.

[One can only imagine that Doug Gansler has provided his report to Kathleen Kane to use in her defense.]
AT THAT TIME… Rule 1.6 CONFIDENTIALITY will not be mandated. The Rule 1.6 issue can be presented and demonstrated for its unconstitutional affect on Kathleen Kane – with personal standing and a cause for relief which permits her to address the unconstitutional law.

Lack of Personal Standing had previously prevented Kane from challenging several ‘secret orders from unidentified courts’ which had required her to personally neglect the responsibilities of the Office of the Attorney General. Addressing the constitutionality of laws within the Commonwealth is ONE responsibility of the Attorney General.

Efforts which prevent or delay Kane from her opportunity to defend against the allegations have been disregarded by the news media. Her criminal trial was scheduled one year after the date when the charges were filed. All preliminary efforts to dismiss the matter have been denied without explanation.

Requests for the Recusal of Montgomery County Judiciary have been denied without explanation. Clearly, there is an appearance of impropriety?
However, Admitting to any appearance of impropriety would be indicative of the existence of privileged information. Rule 1.6 Non-disclosure prevents any explanation for denial of the motion to recuse.

Rule 1.6 also prevents the court from indicating a clear conflict of interest.

Failure to indicate the conflict of interest or address any impropriety undermines the independence of the judiciary which is an essential element for jurisdiction. The court lacks jurisdiction to proceed, but Rule 1.6 prevents the court from disclosing the lack of jurisdiction. Rule 1.6 has undermined the judiciary.

Every effort has been made to impeach Attorney General Kathleen Kane based on allegations.

There was NO HEARING before the Supreme Court regarding her professional license.

The Senate held hearings to determine if they would impeach her based on allegations without a conviction.

The House is currently pursuing an impeachment effort by Rep. Todd Stephens, a former MontCo ADA. Stephens is also a moron.

Kane’s law license was revoked by the Supreme Court based on the recommendation after a disciplinary action where she was NOT permitted to present any defense.

These actions are being conducted prior to any conviction, and without any hearing where Kane could present a defense.

These deliberate efforts seek to perpetuate, and to protect, and to conceal an unconstitutional abuse of power and corruption within law enforcement that undermines the authority of the entire judiciary and threatens the rights of every American at the exclusive and arbitrary discretion of the District Attorneys.

1. While affected by Rule 1.6 Confidentiality, The Court lacks jurisdiction to hear the matter or render a verdict. JURISDICTION IS NOT INHERENT. Jurisdiction cannot be derived from the failure to indicate the lack of jurisdiction.

2. When presenting a defense before a court or tribunal, Rule 1.6 Confidentiality does NOT hinder or prevent the disclosure of any information by the Defendant. At a Hearing, Attorney General Kathleen Kane would be permitted to reveal the improperly enacted and unconstitutional confidentiality law

An overwhelming mountain of leverage – the people, the corruption, the magnitude of the injustice.

Up against the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the venerated Supreme Law of The Land which every lawyer, judge and government official has sworn to uphold, preserve, protect, and defend… to the best of their ability. That “ability” has been compromised by an improperly enacted and unconstitutional state confidentiality law which serves to completely undermine the Constitution of the United States, prevent justice, ignore law, and deny the rights of every American.

After 30 years, the Constitution of the United States is in a position to be rebooted. It is an inevitability.

Just hours after preventing the Gansler Report, Bruce Castor filed an amended petition in the federal court.

It would appear there may be NO REDEMPTION for the author of a New Years Eve Manifesto of December 31, 2014.


“You don’t go to war with a person who spends his/her professional life figuring how to [screw] others…” – Bruce Castor

“Career lawmen think strategically. They don’t go for the immediate gratification of a personal attack, instead preferring to set the board up just right and striking at the precise moment where the object of the attack cannot recover.” – Bruce Castor

“The moral: don’t pick a political fight against someone schooled in how to really hurt you.” – Bruce Castor

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