Kathleen Kane
Pennsylvania Attorney General
Strawberry Square
Harrisburg, PA 17120

Using every available resource, the Montgomery County District Attorney and the entire Montgomery County judiciary have terrorized my life for ten (10) years, stolen everything I own, compromised my liberty and freedom, and threaten to continue with unrelenting and aggressive malice.

The absolute undeniable denial of ALL civil rights, ALL constitutional rights, ALL human rights, Life and Liberty with NO protection of the law, NO due process or procedure; AND deliberate judicial actions without hearings or evidence to further create chaos and which sabotage my case and attempt to prevent me from addressing the matters personally and defending myself.

A STATEMENT OF DEFENDANT DATED March 30, 2016 has been provided by email and hand delivered previously. The document is also available at
[ PDF Document contains 108 pages (17.3 MB) ]

These are the undisclosed aspects of the efforts which attack the PA Attorney General. The statement/document has been filed as an AMICUS BRIEF with the Clerk of Courts and served to Judge Wendy Demchick-Alloy.

“At the heart of the false allegation is a problem with the deed to the Defendant’s property which persists. The fraudulent conveyance and criminal fraud involved in the transaction/theft is fact. Defective and Void Court Orders issued without jurisdiction cannot become valid. As such, there is no way for the problem to go away, unless the rightful property owner asserting the claim is deceased.”

YES, I am accusing the Montgomery County District Attorney ( Lauren McNulty, Risa Ferman, Kevin Steele, and others) of participating in a conspiracy to deny my rights, obstruct justice and abuse authority under color of law; and additionally participating in a plot which threatens to murder me.

The Montgomery County District Attorney and the Office of the District Attorney clearly have a conflict of interest which prevents investigation and prosecution of themselves or their direct staff.

I am requesting the immediate intervention of the Pennsylvania Attorney General.

Should the Attorney General be prevented, personally or professionally, from taking appropriate action, I request the assignment of a Special Attorney General unencumbered by conflicts of interest; unaffected by secret court orders; and not mandated to any improper Confidentiality, to address the unconstitutional and lawless actions of the Montgomery County District Attorney and staff.

Your immediate attention and response would be appreciated.

Thank You.
Terance Healy
Warrington, PA 18976

PDF Version

DISTRIBUTION: Law Enforcement, PA General Assembly, News Media
(via Twitter, Email, Fax, AND hand delivery where possible.)

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