As the issue becomes buried in incomplete information and chaotic distractions, those responsible for fixing the mess are controlled by the secrecy they created to conceal the corruption.

The absolute undeniable denial of ALL civil rights, ALL constitutional rights, ALL human rights, Life and Liberty with NO protection of the law, NO due process or procedure; AND deliberate judicial actions without hearings or evidence to further create chaos and which sabotage my case by assigning a public defender.

The Public Defender who has neglected the impropriety and lawlessness AND fails to contact me WHILE deliberately ignoring the pending Appeals in the matter. THESE ACTIONS SABOTAGE MY EFFORTS TO SURVIVE AND DOCUMENT THE ISSUES.

IMG_20160307_232325Ineffective counsel compelled upon me to sabotage my rights and ignore every fact of the case and conceal the extreme corruption and injustice which can only be called TERRORISTIC.

Using every available resource, the Montgomery County District Attorney and the entire Montgomery County judiciary have terrorized my life for ten (10) years, stolen everything I own, compromised my liberty and freedom, and threaten to continue their unrelenting and aggressive malice.

I have requested the assistance of Government officials, the governor, the Legislature, and Federal authorities… yet, they fail to reply. Although Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen has indicated in the media that ‘secret orders from unidentified courts’ PERSONALLY prevent her from performing the responsibilities of her elected office. Perhaps … those secret courts have issued further orders preventing the Executive and Legislative branches from their responsibilities also. BUT, ONE BRANCH CANNOT TAKE OVER THE ENTIRE GOVERNMENT. ???


The REDACTED filings in the criminal case against Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane. The change in font suggests the REDACTION is not the actions of the Attorney General.

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