My mother’s phone now indicates in the Caller ID that she is the US GOVERNMENT.  It was a gift to her from my sister at Christmas. Mom hasn’t had a cell phone for years. The intrusions made cell phones a stressful ordeal of failing devices, untimely noises, tracking, etc. Dealing with the billing errors took hours with no contro! – no way to stop the harassment caused by intruders.

ALL DEVICES have been hacked.

Verizon is reporting copyright violations. Watching movies and televised programs on my computer is not a copyright violation to my knowledge. They must hate the repetition though.

All indicators of intrusions which there is no way to stop or prevent.

Rebuilding the computers weekly. Attempting different operating systems. Booting from USB devices. No preventing the intrusions. Attempting to keep up with constant litigation in EVERY level and division of state and federal court using hacked devices which could fail at any moment.

There are far more resources trying to undermine, to interfere, to conduct surveillance, than trying to end a 10 year nightmare.

The minutia of harassment has caused apps to fail and websites to be unavailable, and countless other little things. Annoyances.


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