It is called ‘paper terrorism’. It is INJUSTICE. Tedious. Unrelenting. Exhausting. It’s goal is THE DENIAL OF ACCESS TO THE COURTS. It denies a right secured and protected by the US Constitution.

The actual people responsible AND any explanation or reasoning are kept CONFIDENTIAL. The Judiciary imagines their integrity and independence is not tainted by the Administration of Injustice.

Sometimes referred to as an ‘administrative resolution’, any failure to respond to paperwork demands; any failure to address errors; any failure to address fraud; any failure to respond; etc… can be ‘deemed’ as a broad waiver of any and all future opportunities to address any aspect. The administrative resolution is not about problem solving. The administrative solution seeks to ANY reason to dismiss the matter AND BLAME THE LITIGANT.

Every time your actions fail to permit Court Administration to ‘resolve’ the matter, the staff will become increasingly more rude and hostile. If you say “Good Morning” and the clerk disagrees, SECURITY may be called to escort you from the building for “inciting a riot”.

There are some ‘tells’.
– “I cannot give you legal advice.” in response to asking if there is a restroom nearby.
– “Are you a lawyer?” / “I am not a lawyer.” in response to even the most general question.
Everyday is this persons first day at their job. They know nothing… about anything… at all. Their script will begin to loop back to the other ‘tells’.

Court Administration has become trapped in their own manipulations. Preventing matters from any judicial review,the unsigned and undated and unsubstantiated and incorrect and improper and unnecessary manipulations by unidentified staffers seek to dismiss the matter and blame the litigant.

These are the corrupt manipulations of lawyers. Concealed by an unconstitutional confidentiality. Permitted, Ignored and Excused by District Attorneys.

As administration and staff lawyers likely have an attorney-client relationship with their boss, they cannot be prosecuted… UNLESS THEY GIVE PERMISSION TO EXPOSE THEIR CRIMES. AND… The boss would also be exposing the corruption within their own office.

The everyday corruption, injustice and unconstitutional actions within the District Attorneys office are ignored. Lives are destroyed. Families are annihilated. The DA cannot admit to the crimes of their staff, innocent people are railroaded AGGRESSIVELY into prisons.

When Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane became aware of the inescapable corruption, she investigated. District Attorney Risa Ferman retaliated… Well, her staff retaliated. The DA can protect, ignore and conceal the criminal actions of their STAFF, and their other clients.

The case of Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane can confirm that a District Attorney can destroy anyone…. without evidence, without truth, without ethics, without oversight.

Former Montgomery County District Attorney Bruce Castor said “You don’t go to war with a person who spends his/her professional life figuring out how to [screw] others.”

Disagree with the Montgomery County District Attorney and you may find yourself prosecuted for going to breakfast with a friend. Perjury is the GO TO crime to identify the Retaliating DA. The only requirement is for someone to think that you are lying AND to think that you know you are lying.
Ask Matthews. Ask Drexler. Ask Kane.

In Montgomery County, Commissioners had implemented an ETHICS PROGRAM which was approved by 2 of 3 commissioners. They did not realize their effort had ‘declared war’ on District Attorney Risa Ferman. Retaliation was broad and public, insidious and corrupt, cruel and destructive. Exoneration was slow, too late. Lives, families and reputations had been destroyed.
Ferman took the matter all the way to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. The law was overturned… THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY’S OFFICE BECAME UNTOUCHABLE. (Who prosecutes criminal, unconstitutional and corrupt activities within the District Attorneys Office?)
— That ONE (1) VOTE against the program was Bruce Castor.

Where an undated, unsigned, unsubstantiated ‘per curiam’ order which contains ONLY ONE SENTENCE…

You are REQUIRED to respond or risk be dismissed.

The Per Curiam fails to provide a clear reference to the related documents. Each has a different nuance. The required responses are not identical.

Even referring to the order to which you are responding becomes tedious because of the lack of ANY specific reference or title.

You MUST respond or a non-response will be used to justify dismissal of the matter (in another undated, unsigned, ‘per curiam’ order).

It takes days, and a ream of paper. You respond:

… You survive another day. Until the next round. You cannot succeed or escape. You can only persist.
Should you somehow break free, it’s only temporary.

10 years of my life has been stolen. Terror intrudes into every day since 2007. Inescapable.

I am one of the victims that Kathleen Kane learned about. When ordered by ‘secret orders from unidentified Courts’ to personally ignore the responsibilities as Attorney General, Kane learned of a previously unimagineable level of public corruption within law enforcement and the courts.

The more Kane learned… The more Ferman retaliated.

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