The only way to ignore MY claim on the title to my home is to kill me.

The people living in my home have admitted their crime. They presented the fraudulent conveyance of the property and have collected the title insurance. They are likely destroying MY home. I am powerless to stop them. The endorsement of crimes by the District Attorney prevents resolution and justice. It permits the terror to continue… FOREVER.

While I have no Protection of the Law and my Constitutional rights are being ignored and denied, Criminal acts against me in the furtherance of the prior crimes are ignored.

Where criminals are not permitted to profit from their criminal actions, it would seem that Risa Vetri Ferman has not only endorsed their crimes BUT she has actively participated in the prevention of any resolution, preventing justice. As District Attorney Ferman has prevented other law enforcement agencies from investigations and prosecutions.

The fraudulent and intrusive investigations into ME, their target, by the District Attorney has produced NOTHING – – but that doesn’t stop them. They act ONLY to conceal and cover up their actions in this nightmare … THEY IGNORE. There HAS BEEN NO RESPONSE FROM DA RISA FERMAN FOR 8 YEARS. Take it from the ‘worst kept secret in Pennsylvania’ I have attempted to meet with the DA face to face to get some sort of explanation. 8 years where Risa Ferman ignored.

It has prevented any escape for me, their victim.


Since 2007, DA Bruce Castor failed to conduct any investigation. Since 2008, DA Risa Ferman has failed to conduct any investigation; neglected to respond to any letter, request or complaint; RISA FERMAN ACTIVELY INTERFERED WITH ALL OTHER STATE AND FEDERAL LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES TO PREVENT JUSTICE, PROLONG INJUSTICE, and TERRORIZE MY LIFE.

Imagine getting a $550,000 house for FREE. The $400,000 mortgage paid off by the Title Insurance. All that is required is to LIE. All that is required is to file FALSE ALLEGATIONS against the victim whose home was stolen. All that is required is a complete lack of ethics, morality, honor and truthfulness.


A major theft which took place in multiple states would result in Federal prosecution. Their fear of being caught is real – they have admitted their participation in the crime to receive the title insurance. They have risked EVERYTHING… I know what they have risked because THEY STOLE EVERYTHING FROM ME…. including my Constitutional Rights and any Protection of the Law.

If they don’t continue their terror, fraud and false allegations, they won’t see their children grow up.

They have placed their own freedom in the hands of a corrupt District Attorney. They KNOW she is corrupt because she has DELIBERATELY NEGLECTED TO PROSECUTE THEM.

They have motive for committing further fraud and crimes. That motivation threatens my life and my freedom and my future. A motive for murder.

For the last year, the fraudulent and unconstitutional actions of the staff of the District Attorneys office has overwhelmed my life and threatened my freedom and my life, my family and my friends. They continue the harassment through the courts.

The District Attorney has an attorney-client relationship with her staff. As Such, Ferman will NOT address the corruption within her office. Instead of firing the corrupt, Ferman has encouraged their actions in the furtherance to harass and terrorize and DENY PROTECTION OF THE RULE OF LAW. In cases where this has occurred, the target is most often coerced to suicide. The Suicide Solution has been executed in Montgomery County many times. I still have the records from when there was a telecon with their insurers. Apparently, that day they decided to ‘go for the suicide’. There has never been any explanation for their inescapable terror, corruption and injustice.

A Defendant must Defend.

I have been a Defendant in the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas for the last 10 years. I have witnessed the injustice, corruption and lack of independence of the entire Montgomery County Judiciary.

I have been living without any protection of the law and without my constitutional rights, while every aspect of my existence has been annihilated and any hope for a future is threatened by further fraud and crimes.

I Persevere.



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