The SECRECY OATH purportedly signed by Kathleen Kane which is appearing in the newspapers and television news… THERE ARE MANY VERY OBVIOUS QUESTIONS BEING COMPLETELY NEGLECTED BY THE NEWSMEDIA.

Here goes…

1.  Kathleen Kane indicated that she did not sign a Secrecy Oath.  Is this a forgery?

How do you commit unsworn falsification to authorities…

Supposing that the document is not a fraud or forgery, just how did Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Ferman know about an unnecessary and unfiled very specific oath regarding ONLY grand jury secrecy ‘hidden’ in the Offices of the Attorney General?

More importantly… Has Ferman just exposed her knowledge of the existence of previously unknown secret anti-oaths by law enforcement which undermines the system at the highest levels?

…or did Ferman have nothing to prosecute and assemble a forgery which fit the very specific needs of her case?

(Was Ferman hoping no one would challenge her professional ethics while she was aggressively challenging the ethics and integrity of Kathleen Kane? Pennsylvania District Attorneys – NO MIRRORS?)

2.  There is no law which indicates the necessity of the Attorney General to sign a Secrecy Oath.

3.  Where the penalty is ‘contempt’ was the secrecy ORDERED by a court?  Is that why no law is referenced?
Are we looking at ANOTHER document which is the result of secret orders from unidentified courts? or unsigned Per Curiam Orders which are outside the scope of per curiam and without any indication of judicial review?

4.  Strange format for an official document. 
– No letterhead?
– No caption?
– No mention of Pennsylvania? None.
– No indication of applicable law?
– Document appears it could apply to an Oath taken by ANY persons testifying before any grand jury.
– Pennsylvania Law for Investigating Grand Juries does not contain any requirement for a signed OATH to be executed.
Title 234 Rules of Criminal Procedure Chapter 2 Investigations

5. Why was this document not filed with any government office or judicial agency?
What is the point of any document which ‘solemnly swears’ secrecy, YET, no responsibility to assure the oath is sworn, signed and  executed… OR EVEN NECESSARY.

6. Do SECRECY OATHS exist for all prior Attorneys General? Is it a coincidence that the grand juries involved coincide back to the enactment of Rule 1.6?
What did the prior AG’s do with their SECRECY OATHS?

7.  Shouldn’t the title indicate ‘juries’?

8.  If the courts have required the execution of the SECRECY OATH by the Attorney General, why didn’t the clerks have a copy on file?

9. ‘Except when authorized by law’ – The Commonwealth Attorneys Act indicates the Attorney General authority ‘to investigate any criminal offense which he has the power to prosecute.’
This authority would also permit the Attorney General to prosecute corruption concealed by any improperly enacted and unconstitutional confidentiality laws.

10.  The Attorney General is part of the Executive Branch and was established as AN INDEPENDENT DEPARTMENT – October 15, 1980. 

11.  It shall be the duty of the Attorney General to uphold and defend the constitutionality of all statutes so as to prevent their suspension or abrogation in the absence of a controlling decision by a court of competent jurisdiction.
The Judiciary improperly enacts a collaterally unconstitutional law, the court itself lacks jurisdiction to review the constitutionality of their own BAD law. the responsibility of the Attorney General includes addressing the unconstitutionality when challenged.

SECRET ORDERS FROM UNIDENTIFIED COURTS which require the person, Kathleen Kane, to neglect the responsibilities of the Office of the Attorney General to which she was elected.  The court lacked jurisdiction to issue the improper order and has further acted to undermine the authority of the Attorney General; AND undermined the elected Governor who signed the Commonwealth Attorneys Act; AND ignored the constitutional efforts of the elected Legislature to draft, review, vote and promote the Act into Law.

The term SECRECY OATH in a Google search returns two primary instances where it has historically been used.  The case against Attorney General Kathleen Kane… and the Nazis used it to conceal the Holocaust.


Kathleen Kane, the person, is mandated to nondisclosure where THOSE CONCEALED ORDERS MAY NOT BE SIGNED BY ANY MEMBER OF THE JUDICIARY, and may have been issued improperly as unsigned per curiam, the evidence of the corruption of the Justice system is evident. 

Undermined, enabled and concealed by an improperly enacted and collaterally unconstitutional Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information at the behest and lobbying efforts of the American Bar Association with affiliated organizations within every major state and federal jurisdiction.  The ABA concealed inescapable unconstitutional injustice within their unethical Rules of Professional Conduct. Once improperly enacted into law, the ABA members within each jurisdiction intercept, interfere and prevent access to the courts while their actions are concealed by the unconstitutional Rule 1.6 nondisclosure.

The aggressive effort by the lawyers to prevent Kathleen Kane from revealing unconstitutional American Injustice Ignored is logical… BECAUSE the American Bar Association and its affiliates and all members exist as a RICO SYNDICATE. 

Over 400,000 lawyers are responsible for permitting and concealing the most egregious violation of the Public Trust… Undermined the independence of the judiciary and having infiltrated every branch of state and federal government to ignore injustice and corruption.  Injustice is their GOLDMINE.


Why are the journalists NEGLECTING to ask questions and publish facts?  I suppose their lawyers advised them against it. The neglect of investigative efforts and fact checking places the American news media in the same category as A TROLL FARM.

The national news in the United States which people believe originates from many reporters at different television, newspaper and radio stations is not quite accurate. On a trip to NYC, I brought the story of the Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6 to every news and media outlet, each gave me instructions to take the story to their producers at a different address. image Imagine my surprise when all of those producers were located in the same building AND THE PEOPLE IN THE LOBBY REFUSED TO ACCEPT THE PACKAGES FOR EACH PRODUCER OR TO PERMIT ME TO TAKE THE INFORMATION DIRECTLY TO THEIR OFFICES/DESKS. The NEWS CORPORATION building in New York.

Unconstitutional Rule 1.6 fell in 2013 when it was revealed as unconstitutional.  The lawyers have prevented the story from the public.  Where Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane may reveal the confidences in the effort to defend herself, she is being tried in the misinformed court of public opinion fueled by the disinformation in the media.

Justice is coming.

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