The quotes in the media today demonstrate the integrity and determination of Kathleen Kane.  JUSTICE IS COMING.

Kane is aware of the improperly enacted and unconstitutional Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information which undermines the rights of every American and which secretly prevents any recourse or escape.  The result is the loss of any protection of the law, AND the Denial of all rights protected by the US Constitution. 

Those who pay close attention will see that the JUDICIARY IS VERY UNINVOLVED… all of the efforts, documents, statements, etc are the product of lawyers who act under protection of Rule 1.6 nondisclosure.   Even the supposed ‘orders’ are not signed by any judge.  The judiciary is held hostage and their independence sacrificed to conceal RULE 1.6 corruption.  The only thing a judge can do to protect their own integrity and the integrity of the courts IS TO DO NOTHING.  The good judges are well aware of this.


After the charges were expanded on October 1, 2015, Kane said the following:

“You can arrest me two times, you can arrest me 10 times. I’m sure this isn’t the end of the game, but I will not stop until the truth comes out, and I will not stop until the system operates the way it’s supposed to be.”

“And what does this mean to the public?”
“That means that your system, your criminal justice system that you think you have and you think you deserve is not working properly.”

In 2014, the following quotes indicted her broad awareness of what she would be facing.

“something that’s been on my mind. But I’m very confident that the truth will come out and that justice will prevail.”

She was then silenced by ‘secret orders from unidentified courts’.

“I am shocked at the level of public corruption.”

“I am shocked at how deep it goes.
I am shocked at how powerful it is.
I have never seen anything like this. It’s breathtaking.
It has been described by the people familiar with what is happening as shameful.”

“But, if this can be done to me as Attorney General, the chief law enforcement officer of the 5th largest state in the country, I am sickened to think what can and may be done to regular, good people who don’t have the resources that I have to challenge it.”

The Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6 was filed in August 2013.  Though EVERY STATE ATTORNEY GENERAL DEFAULTED in the matter, the lawyers employed by the Clerk of Courts in the federal courts intercepted and intervened.  They neglected their responsibilities according to Federal Law and Rules.  They prevented the matter from any judicial review.  The same was done at the Third Circuit Court of Appeals.

When the Constitutional issue was then presented in two cases in the Pennsylvania Superior Court, the interception and INTERFERENCE by the lawyers in the clerical staff prevented any judicial review.  And the required involvement of the State Attorney General resulted in the failure to provide documents to the litigants… and then there was the talk of two ‘secret orders from unidentified courts’ which prevented the Attorney General PERSONALLY from performing the responsibilities of her office.

As it was the litigants who suffered the loss of their rights and the protection of the law and NOT THE PERSON ELECTED TO ATTORNEY GENERAL, Kathleen Kane was without standing to challenge the ‘order’ which recaste the unconstitutional Rule 1.6  Confidentiality into an unconstitutional ‘order’.  Where the litigant was prevented from obtaining the orders which denied his Constitutional rights, I was also prevented from challenging the unconstitutional ‘order’.

At that time, I believe Kathleen Kane reviewed the cases within CHRIA and discovered the extent of the corruption, the denial of rights and law, the obstruction of justice, the abuse of power under color of law… which lead to the realization that AMERICAN INJUSTICE is IGNORED pursuant to an improperly enacted unconstitutional secrecy mandated of all members of the legal profession.  Even when that secrecy protects corruption and injustice which is inescapable and any recourse is prevented EVER.

Kathleen Kane knows… “That means that your system, your criminal justice system … that you think you have … and you think you deserve … is not working properly.”

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