As I stated in Court on September 16, 2015, there is no need to file a MOTION TO CHANGE ADDRESS with the court to change my address.

The address on file is correct.

I would get the documents, IF THEY MAIL THEM TO ME.


1.  You fail to appear at a proceeding you didn’t know about. 

You get admonished by the judge, or a bench warrant is issued and you are arrested, you get undermined because NO EXPLANATION is accepted.

2. You appear a a proceeding you were NOT supposed to know about.

If you show up because you learn of the proceeding, they suggest YOU have provided false information, or moved.  (As happened on September 16, 2015)

They may ask you to sign a change of address which is NOT necessary, BUT THAT CHANGE OF ADDRESS can provide a court with jurisdiction where it had none.  This unnecessary ‘courtesy’ is done to undermine a litigant. Why would you need to file a change of address when they have your correct address? THERE IS A REASON.

Once you ask the Court to do anything for you in a matter, you have just submitted yourself to the jurisdiction of the Court.  You have agreed to the authority of the Court in the matter. If jurisdiction was lacking, you just gave it to the Court and waived your rights just by signing a change of address.

Some courts mandate every Pro Se litigant to file a change of address at each proceeding. That’s ridiculous… but it gives the court jurisdiction over you in case it was lacking.

This is why I file statements before each proceeding.  The statement asks nothing of the Court and gets your information on the record without all the pesky interruptions when you try to speak.

2.  You fail to comply with an Order. 

You can be found in contempt.  Although the requirement for contempt is that you are fully aware of the order and the possible punishment for noncompliance.  You will be threatened and intimidated for something where you may not have known about it.

3. The documents are fraudulent.

The docs you receive (hand delivered) may not actually be copies of the documents filed with the court.
If mailed, the crime of mail fraud is committed. A federal crime.

4. The documents are forged.

The docs you receive (hand delivered) may be forged documents which were not really signed by any judge.  Rubber stamps or pictures of the judge’s signature are used.

If mailed, the crime of mail fraud is committed. A federal crime.

The United States Postal Service will deliver mail as long as there is any element of the address available to indicate destination.  It may be shredded by a machine, but the peices will be delivered … Even in a plastic bag.

The following letter was delivered to the Postmaster in Warrington, PA.  He suggested I send the same information to Norristown.  Seems a large volume of complaints of non-delivery relate to legal documents.  He now understands why that happens.


When the documents are evaluated, clearly the failure relates to that issue expressed in open court. 
If the documents are placed in the mail, I will get them.

The lawyers think people are stupid.  No, the people just trust the system and the professionals who violate it.  Lawyers show little respect for TRUST…. And they will use it against you if it serves their purpose. 

There is no effort to determine who failed to mail any document from the Court, Clerk, or District Attorney. The metadata exists, but they are not going to share the information willingly. Getting a court order to expose the corruption of the court… NOT VERY LIKELY.

Think about the over 45 million foreclosures based on fraudulent documents and  robosigned deeds.  No one was ever prosecuted.  The fraud concealed behind the lawyers and the Attorney Client privilege.

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