They threw another sneaky dud and were caught.

Now, I can go to Supreme Court in Harrisburg… It reveals the problem of Rule 1.6 to the source while requesting the Supreme Court order the Court to address jurisdiction and the deliberate negligence by the District Attorney.

They secretly scheduled an evaluation for yesterday.  So they accused me of missing it. They have no case so everything they do is about making it about an administrative issue.

BUT, AS ALWAYS IS THE CASE… They scheduled it wrong… 90 years from now wrong.  They forged the judges signature. (Robosigned) and neglected to enter it on the docket or mail it to me.

The judge neglected to indicate necessary elements of jurisdiction which was a condition of my agreement.

When asked, the judge said he had jurisdiction.  (Ignored the elements necessary)

So when they rescheduled it the same way, forged, and 90 years in the future… I POINTED IT OUT.  (Funny it was already prepped and forged beforehand.). So there retyped it… Still with the jurisdiction elements but SIGNED BY THE JUDGE.

RESULT: An order signed by judge lacking jurisdiction.

Appeal to Superior Court could be intercepted by Court Staff… And delayed for months.

So the result will take the matter directly to Supreme Court…to order the judge to indicate the necessary elements of jurisdiction.

Pointing out all of those failures concealed by Rule 1.6 which show a lack of jurisdiction… All documented before the court and IGNORED.

Every head turned when I asked for DA Risa Ferman to be summoned to the court to address the misconduct and unconstitutional acts of her ‘clients’ WHICH ARE CONCEALED PURSUANT TO RULE 1.6.

THEY ADDRESSED EVERYTHING DURING THE “ROLL CALL”.  A change in procedure to get me out of the courthouse before I talked to more people.  I did make a few stops though. 

Copies of backdated orders, incorrectly reflected on the docket. So many timestamps in their fraudulent practices. Tsk tsk tsk.


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