Every public official has an Oath.  Getting the official signed copy is no big deal.  Using a search warrant is OVERKILL.  

Why create the drama of using a search warrant and ‘raiding’ the Offices of the Attorney General. 

Sources: Thursday search of AG Kane’s office was targeted to grand jury secrecy oath

New Search Warrant Executed at AG Kanes office

Kane’s office searched by Montgomery County detectives

Seeking out the OFFICIAL copy of an OATH is a game which “internet lawyers” have been suggesting people seek out to suggest that judges and officials are not following their oaths. 

It’s an annoyance… A misdirection which lawyers mock because every oath is undermined by the Rules of Professional Conduct.

One law usurps and ignores all rules, procedures, laws, statutes and constitutions…. It’s confidential though.

There is actually a law which requires all lawyers and judges to maintain confidentiality and Non-disclosure even where the law is not followed and constitutionally protected rights are being Ignored and denied.  Rule 1.6 affects the substantive rights of litigants in this way.  As such, the Article V Section 10 c authority for the judiciary to enact the law is INVALID, IMPROPER, AND UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

Rule 1.6 Confidentiality prevents the court from revealing they have been undone and their authority usurped by the author of the unconstitutional law.  The American Bar Association.

The idea that public officials are not following their oaths is EVIDENT… Not one official does anything to preserve protect or defend the Constitution of the United States.  In the case of lawyers, they are mandated by Rule 1.6 Confidentiality (which includes Attorney Client Privilege).

Court clerks don’t go to jail for violating peoples rights for marriage licenses.  No prosecution, either.  They go to jail for contempt of court for not following an order of the court.  Why is there no prosecution for their violation of the Constitutional rights of Americans?  Confidentiality prevents prosecution.

Where the government is the largest entity able to violate Constitutional rights, the obligation of Confidentiality and Non-disclosure of their clients wrongdoing results in the Attorneys General and District Attorneys having no ability to prosecute violations of law and constitutional rights within government agencies and departments

Rule 1.6 undermines law enforcement and usurps the authority of the judiciary.  The victims have no recourse.

Clearly, an Attorney Client privilege relationship DOES NOT EXIST between Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Ferman and Attorney General Kathleen Kane.

Where there may be a privileged relationship between Attorney General and District Attorney, Kathleen Kane is prevented from disclosure unless and until she is defending herself in court. This explains the trial by media misinformation.

You have to wonder why the District Attorney prosecuting Attorney General Kathleen Kane is seeking to attack the media statements which the Attorney General has offered.

One might think that there is nothing solid to connect Kane to the leak.

Those OAG employees involved who had supposedly testified against Kane to the Grand jury have been embarassed by emails which demonstrate VERY UNPROFESSIONAL on the job activity.  Many have been fired or left the OAG.  By law, Kane cannot expose crimes committed by persons in the OAG.  Attorney-client privilege applies even when their crime is falsely accusing the Attorney General.

The document which is at the center of the leak IS NOT ACTUALLY THE LEAKED DOCUMENT.  ITS A COPY.

Though the prosecutor described the document and its cover in ridiculously needless and exhaustingly repetitive detail… IT TURNS OUT that the clear plastic cover and heavy cardboard backing were not available. Thrown away.  Along with any possible forensic evidence (fingerprints, printer identifier, etc…) which could identify those who handled the document.  Whether it be Kane herself, or those who are attempting to set her up.

The prosecutor spent such an exhausting amount of time describing the report and cover.  And who would have handled it, placed it, skimmed it, reviewed it, seen it, discussed it,… Over and over, clear plastic cover, blue backing.

FINALLY, When Kane’s attorney inquired about forensic testing of the cover and document ONLY to find out the originalS are not available and the cover was trashed, a packed courtroom collectively exhaled… ARE YOU F’ing KIDDING ME?

The prosecution wasted hours describing it and it isn’t available.  When the actions of the prosecutor are NOT about getting to the truth,  the effort to exhaust people with misleading information is reprehensible…

People are figuring out that the case against Attorney General Kathleen Kane is a farce.  They await the other shoe… Why are they really going after Kathleen Kane?

Attorney General Kathleen Kane is aware of the UNCONSTITUTIONALITY OF RULE 1.6 and its affect on litigants, law enforcement, and the judiciary.  Problem is that when demonstrated to be unconstitutional, SECRET ORDERS FROM UNIDENTIFIED COURTS ordered the person, Kathleen Kane, to neglect the responsibilities of the Office of Attorney General to which she had been popularly elected… AND ORDERED NONDISCLOSURE OF THE CONTENTS OF THOSE ORDERS.

UNCONSTITUTIONAL RULE 1.6 was ‘secretly’ recaste into a direct order to continue unconstitutional confidentiality. Continuing the denial of the protection of the law and denial of constitutionally protected rights of an individual left without recourse and suffering further injustice. Rule 1.6 is the cause of AMERICAN INJUSTICE IGNORED.

The Attorney General cannot prosecute employees (clients) who deliberately bungle cases, BUT she can fire them.  So she did.

Attorney Client Privilege would even conceal if a criminal porn syndicate involved OAG employees.  BUT, Kane could fire them! So she did.

They could retaliate knowing (as lawyers do know) that Kane, as Attorney General with multiple Attorney Client relationships throughout the govt, would be mandated by Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information to maintain secrecy.

Rule 1.6 has unconstitutional affects which ignore the rights of litigants while concealing the corruption of government employees WHO CANNOT BE PROSECUTED.


But Kane could fire them… So she did.

The same cannot be said for Montgomery County DA Risa Ferman who continues to use her position to deny protection of the law, ignore Constitutional rights, and protect the corrupt individuals, departments and agencies which she represents.

When Ferman became DA she vowed to prosecute corruption .  Embarassingly, Ferman set up a group to investigate corruption. Then, she found out that she protects the corrupt county personnel as their attorney. Her corruption investigators disappeared without a single case.

One difference… The corrupt personnel within Montgomery County continue their corruption and injustice against people who have no recourse for the injustice they receive.  The corruption grows unchecked. 

Ferman could fire them… BUT SHE DOESN’T.

Risa Ferman is none too happy that the Pennsylvania Attorney General has access and ownership of ALL INVESTIGATIVE DATA in the state… The Attorney General has all the collected investigative information and evidence of corruption concealed by an unconstitutional silence.  Even the Montgomery County  corruption improperly concealed by ‘investigative grand juries’.

Those secret orders from unidentified courts… were issued in regard to one case in Montgomery County.  The corruption was so deliberate.  The conspiracy to deny justice was so determined, so undeniable and absolute.  The participation of each county office and agency was coordinated by District Attorney Risa Ferman who also prevented any investigation by county, state and federal authorities.

The events of the case are well documented… on the court record… and on the web… A TERRORISTIC DIVORCE. 

Nine years and counting.  Over 20 Montgomery County judges.  Exposing the undermining efforts of corruption in every state and federal court and jurisdiction.  Concealed by lawyers mandated to follow an unconstitutional Confidentiality.

I don’t hate lawyers.  I do hate the unconstitutional law which has annihilated my life, family, and friends. 

I am not a lawyer.  I do not have to keep their secret.  I’ve been called “the worst kept secret in Pennsylvania”. 

Unconstitutional Rule 1.6 is exposed.  Justice Is Coming. 

Life without protection of the law and constitutional rights is only surviving… where I have no other choice but to persevere while the corruption fights back.

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