It’s their game…

I have an unsigned undocketed forged order issued without jurisdiction.

To appeal you must provide a copy of the docket.  CAN’T.

To appeal you must provide a copy of the order.  CAN’T.

For an Appeal to be accepted, the court must have jurisdiction to hear the appeal.  CAN’T.
(So lawyers in appellate court intercept, Intervene, obstruct and forge. Concealed by Rule 1.6)

To decide, the appellate court must have jurisdiction.  CAN’T.
(So lawyers intercept, Intervene, obstruct and forge.  Concealed by Rule 1.6)

The ABA has affiliated bar associations in every major state and federal jurisdiction.  It’s what they do to conceal their overthrow of the Judicial system in every state and FEDERALLY.

They refer to these ‘orders’ as unappealable.  I call it void and defective fraud upon the court which violates the public trust.  Tomato – potato.


Unable to file a regular NOTICE OF APPEAL, I reported my NOTICE OF APPEAL to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania via Twitter. 

Served the Report of the NOTICE OF APPEAL upon the Montgomery County District Attorney via Twitter.


In order to indicate that I have incorrectly filed my appeal, they must first indicate that the invalid document is valid.  CAN’T.

They will then be forced to expose that they knowingly and deliberately sent a fraudulent defective and void forged court order by mail with intent to deceive and mislead. WON’T. THIS WILL BE IGNORED because it cannot be resolved when it cannot be addressed without exposing the corruption.

The deliberate fraudulent actions of the DA and COURT ADMINISTRATION which cannot be prosecuted pursuant to Rule 1.6 Confidentiality, are clearly criminal lawless and denying my Constitutional rights and DONE IN A MANNER DESIGNED TO PREVENT ANY LAWFUL RESOLUTION.  This can only be described as TERRORISM.

[ Played this one out several times in the last 9 years.  It was a secret order in Aug 07 which started my nightmare.  It was a defective and void divorce decree lacking subject matter jurisdiction which exposes the corruption of 20 judges over 5 years and HUNDREDS OF PETITIONS.  It is that same defective and void ‘divorce decree’ which caused the fraudulent conveyance of my home.  And the inability to address their deliberate corruption which has lead to my letter to the Governor and Legislature which they call a “terroristic threat”.]

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