Tomorrow is the CALL OF THE TRIAL.  I have not been notified.   Tactical non-notification.

I can’t imagine what to expect … Not one event has gone as indicated by law.

There has been no Arraignment.

There was no Conference.  Just the judge saying it would go to Trial.

There has been no response to the LACK OF JURISDICTION.

There has been no response to anything from the DA.

They have apparently prematurely assigned a defender who is getting the notices instead and filing motions without contacting me at all.  The railroad to prison overpopulation.

All I can imagine is that his secretly filed documents are undermining my rights.

Then the pre-hearing to decide my Competency – if I should be forced to have lawyer from the public defender office – is on Friday. Yet an attorney is already filing on the case from the public defenders office.  AND NOT RETURNING CALLS.


Rule 1.6 protects the violations of law and rights where the DA represents the Attorney for the Commonwealth and must hold their corrupt actions confidential.

Rule 1.6 protects the deliberate and intentional failures of the Public Defenderhe where the DA represents the Public Defenderhe and his office and must hold their corrupt actions confidential.

All the while I am further threatened and terrorized.

I’ve begged for your help.  The silence is unsettling.

I was pleased that AG Kane indicated her awareness of me case.  I would appreciate attendance or representation of the PA Executive Branch.  Nine years of this is ALOT for one man to take.

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