Why would the Montgomery County District Attorney …
…who has never permitted an investigation into crimes against me.
…who has never responded to any criminal complaint since 2008
(Neither did her predecessor Bruce Castor in 2007)
…who has concealed evidence of the provison, plan and training for my murder
…who has ignored every law
…who had denied every constitutionally protected right
…who has ignored every constitutionally protected right
…who has has her office lie over the phone
…who has never returned any phone message
…who has never responded to voicemail
…who has never responded to letters
…who has never responded to tweets
…who has blatantly ignored her oath of office
…who has blatantly ignored ethics
…who has blatantly ignored morality
…who has concealed the botched investigations of her staff
…who has introduced over 80+ drug addicted and HIV infected prostitutes into my life as Confidential Informants (in attempts to set me up) EPIC FAILURE!

Block me from her Twitter feed?
Block me from the Pennsylvania DAs Twitter feed?

Yet, Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman dares to challenge my competence in an attempt to undermine the Constitutional Challenge of Rule 1.6

They must be teaching all kinds of twisted games at her DA Institute.


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