In America…

The denial of constitutional protected rights and the Rule of law cannot be prosecuted where the Attorney General and the District Attorney must maintain Confidentiality for THEIR CLIENTS.

The staff of govt offices and agencies are protected by unconstitutional Rule 1.6 Confidentiality which includes attorney-client privilege.

Federal Law Enforcement and prosecution is similarly prevented because the McDade-Murtha Amendment requires all federal investigators and lawyers to adhere to the Rules of Professional Conduct in the jurisdiction where they are working.

Unconstitutional Rule 1.6 requires Confidentiality and Non-disclosure of the collateral affect of the law which was improperly enacted in EVERY state from1984 to 2009.

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Rule 1.6 has been improperly enacted in every state as the mandate of nondisclosure results in law enforcement ignoring the denial of constitutional rights and the Rule of law… With no opportunity to recover… EVER.

REMEMBER WHEN THE SHERIFF WAS THE CHIEF LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER IN EACH COUNTY??? As a non-lawyer, the Sheriff could enforce the Law and The Constitution.

BUT, the lawyers and judges have convinced the Sheriff of a diminished capacity which basically makes the Sheriff Department into UBER FOR PRISONERS… and protectors of a judiciary without independence… held hostage.

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