Multiple articles out this week present an illogical scenario seeking the suspension of Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane’s Law License.

WTAE – Ethics Watchdog Says Kane Harms Law Enforcement

Reading Eagle – Pennsylvania Agency Wants Kathleen Kane’s License Suspended

Illogical because the story neglects to explain the ‘secret’ which lawyers and courts cannot discuss.

The Secret:  The Pennsylvania Supreme Court improperly enacted an unconstitutional law which they are unable to suspend and remove because THAT improperly enacted and unconstitutional law requires nondisclosure and confidentiality.

The law was improperly enacted as it affects the substantive rights of litigants and results in the loss of any protection under the Law, and permits the INGORING of a litigants Constitutional rights with no opportunity for recovery or escape from future injustice.

It’s been called ‘the worst kept secret in Pennsylvania’… because the entire government knows the problem, but only one person can start the fix.  Non-lawyer, Governor Tom Wolf.  However, his lawyers in the Office of General Counsel prevent him from becoming fully informed.

The Attorney General has been ordered to be silent to cover up the problem.  That’s not working out so well as far as the cover-up goes.  But, the ABA and lawyers are playing the Confidentiality rules fast and loose to try to bring down one of the most effective Attorney Generals in Pennsylvania history.


THERE IS A BIGGER SECRET: This happened nationally… In every state gradually rolled out from 1984 New Jersey to 2009 Maine. The confidentiality extends to conceal the Denial of the Rule of Law and ignoring Constitutional rights.

Every. Person. Matters.
Except when the lawyers are required to conceal American Injustice. When District Attorneys and Attorneys General are prevented from prosecuting Constitutional infractions because it turns out they have an attorney-client relationship with the offender.

The administration of justice has been undermined. The judiciary have lost their independence – a necessary element for valid jurisdiction.

When Kane recognized the unconstitutionality of Rule 1.6 Confidentiality, she found herself personally ordered to neglect the responsibilities of the 
Office of Attorney General to which she had been elected. Those secret orders from unidentified courts prevent the Attorney General from effective law enforcement and protecting and defending the Pennsylvania Constitution and the Constitution of the United States.

Where Rule 1.6 had been demonstrated as unconstitutional, it was recaste to continue the injustice and unconstitutional actions which are concealed by nondisclosure and confidentiality. The OAG was prevented from any effort to restore the Rule of Law and the US Constitution in several matters before the PA courts.

All lawyers are prevented by the unconstitutional confidentiality law from addressing the improperly enacted law promulgated by the PA Supreme Court. The Supreme Court itself is prevented from any Constitutional review or suspension of it’s own unconstitutional law. The leadership of the Legislature prevents discussion and exposure of the issue in the Senate or Assembly. The lawyers in the Office of General Counsel prevent any meetings with the Governor- who does by law have the authority to call the Legislature to address and suspend the unconstitutional law.

The dance around the unconstitutional confidentiality rules is demonstrated in Cash for Kids, the improper handling of the Sandusky case, the foreclosure crisis nationwide, and the cases where Attorney General Kathleen Kane is being attacked by former employees of the OAG with whom she has an obligation to conceal the wrongdoing of those with whom she has an attorney-client privilege. ACP is one small aspect of the broader unconstitutional Rule 1.6 which is responsible for concealing American Injustice in every state and jurisdiction.

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