You can be victimized repeatedly.

Your lawful actions to address an issue become twisted into a threat.

This is done to permit the people who stole your home, and those who prevented prosecution, and those who corrupted the courts, to conspire tom prosecute you for trying to legally regain possession.

Even where they have a letter which documents a person provionsing planning and training to murder you based on deluded and paranoid ideations with no basis in fact.


Abuse of Power
Abuse of Power under color of law
Terroristic threats
Prosecutorial misconduct
Denial of rights
Denial of process

The list is endless…  Because the more crimes they commit against you, the more no one will stop them.

There’s an unconstitutional improperly enacted law which lets them keep everything confidential… while you are destroyed… There is no escape while the unconstitutional law provides an opportunity to conceal their actions and neglect their responsibilities, the law, the constitutions…

A bigger secret is that unconstitutional law has already fallen, BUT secret orders from unidentified courts prevent the truth from being exposed.

The recipient of those secret orders, Kathleen Kane, the person and not in her capacity as Attorney General, is also being attacked by falsehoods which she is prevented from discussing or explaining … OR EVEN ANSWERING QUESTIONS AT HER OWN PRESS CONFERENCE.

Because an Attorney General is responsible to address an unconstitutional law… BUT apparently the person elected to that office can be ordered not to.

Yea… That’s unconstitutionally corrupt.

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