Authorities say these lawyers have strayed far beyond their professional role into it illegal activism aimed at sabotaging the country’s legal system.


I am always impressed when an entire article is speculation where circumstances are unknown or not released.  Leave it to lawyers to make their stand on imaginary rhetoric.

Human Rights Watch

Article 73 of the CPL allows individuals be held in an undisclosed location for up to six months under “designated residential surveillance” if they “endanger state security” or are involved in “terrorism” or “major corruption.” 

Always entertaining to see lawyers involved in cases speaking to the media..  Attorney-Client Privilege prohibits the lawyer from telling the full truth where it might negatively affect the client or adversely affect their law firm.   So why put a lawyer on to speak about any story?  Certainly not if you want the truth.

Free Beacon

Chen called on the Obama administration to consider actions that would punish Beijing for human rights abuses, including imposing sanctions on top Chinese officials who have committed violations. They should also be denied access to the United States and its financial system, he said.

NEWSFLASH:  The American government doesn’t interfere with the state and federal judiciary in the US… Even if their crimes and constitutional offenses are clear and known to the public. 

The standard response from Executive and Legislative branches is they ‘lack jurisdiction’ to address the problems.  This is, of course, UNTRUE… It is their responsibility to address the check and balances of the other branches.  BUT, nondisclosure laws prevent them from taking action, or revealing why.

( Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information is unconstitutional and causes rights to be denied and ignored THEN kept confidential.  The victim has no recourse and no rights and no protection of the law.)

The ABA distributed the information this way…


If the Chinese are nervous about the lawyers acting to sabotage their judiciary, it is appropriate that they take measures to address it. 

“This week’s arrest of lawyers suspected of breaching laws for personal profits in China is nothing more than a legitimate law enforcement action, and should not be interpreted as a human rights issue,” a column in Xinhua, a state newspaper,declared last week.

“By hastily equating ‘lawyers’ with ‘justice’ and ‘Chinese police’ with ‘oppression,’ Western critics trampled on basic principle of law, that every one is equal.”

Cannot argue with that logic.

Human rights violations occur in the US… Constitutional offenses occur in the US… but offenses are concealed behind an unconstitutional confidentiality. 
Human trafficking like Kids for Cash. 
Mass fraud as in the foreclosure crisis where forged and robosigned Deeds were still accepted in foreclosure cases resulting in over 40 million foreclosures. 
Every. Person. Matters.  The injustices concealed by lawyers at podiums when people are killed by police and not held accountable.

The media distorts the news, misinformation and often misdirected.   It’s always right there… You just have to apply logic to articles… And often there is no LOGIC to be found.  Emotional triggers make for attention grabbing headlines.

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