Cross off the Montgomery County Grand Jury orders from the previously referenced ‘secret orders from unidentified courts’ which prevent Kathleen Kane, the person, from performing the responsibilities of the Attorney General office to which she was elected.

By identifying orders from Judge Carpenter in her press conference today, The AG clearly demonstrated that those!orders are NOT the one she spoke of at the end of 2014.

There are secret orders docketed and removed, not distributed to the litigants, in matters which require the participation of the Attorney General in the Superior Court of Pennsylvania. 

Healy v Healy
Healy v Miller

Both required the participation of the OAG.  Petitions to the court BY THE LITIGANTS for the documents were denied, unsigned, without any basis in law.

The INTERFERENCE with the administration of the courts was not addressed when raised to city, County, state and federal prosecutors.

Ignored injustice pursuant to improperly enacted unconstitutional Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information.


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