Please acknowledge the ATTACHED LETTER which was provided in the incomplete INFORMATION from District Attorney Risa Ferman.  Ferman’s signature was forged on the INFORMATION document.  (Apparently, forgery is big in law enforcement to sabotage cases)

The document was written the day after my arrest.
The document Is written by the woman who is living in my home.  I have never met her.
The document is all events which occurred without my knowledge or involvement.
She is deluded, paranoid and apparently seeing my ghost.  I have not been near the house.  I have no need to scare or threaten them.  I was continuing to seek the enforcement of the law by contacting proper government officials.

When the judiciary removed themselves improperly, I wrote to the Governor, Legislature and AG for help.  I used the word “PERIL” ONCE in my letter.
For that I was charged with terroristic threats, stalking and more and arrested.

All laws have been ignored.
All procedures have been ignored.
All rights have been denied and ignored.

The letter attached is a threat which was concealed by the DA.  It shows the provisioning for weapons, planning and training, and their target is me.  My murder this is a threat.  Written by someone whose deluded ideations center on me while I am unaware of any of it.

Induced by police.  Concealed by Police.

Encouraged and concealed by the DA while they prosecute me for the crime that is being committed against me.  Terrorizing my life.

I have asked to file a complaint… No response from any law enforcement agency.

The people living in my home used the information I had filed in the obstructed case to file for the title insurance and have paid their $400,000 mortgage off based on the FRAUD I REPORTED.  The fraudulent conveyance of my home.  They have profited from their crime of fraud.  They still have illegal possession of my home.  They have no valid deed.  They have never attempted to produce any valid documents ts which demonstrate lawful ownership.  Their documents, though repeatedly filed with the Recorder of Deeds, represent fraud.

Since 2007, Every crime against me is ignored and endorsed by the DA.  Every crime I report is ignored.

I seek equal protection of the law. 

All the messages where I felt the police and district attorneys office were plotting to murder me ARE CONFIRMED BY THIS LETTER WHICH WAS IN THE POSSESSION OF THE DA SINCE March 14, 2015, THE DAY AFTER MY ARREST.  I was right.  I was threatened.  I was ignored.

I wish to file a Criminal Complaint against the Millers, Officer Dougherty, and the District Attorneys Office.

Information in the CHRIA database will corroborate the terror I have experienced since 2007 at the hands of Montgomery County DA Risa Ferman and her predecessor Bruce Castor.

Castor described the position of DA as “a person who spends his/her professional life figuring how to [screw] others…”
His Facebook page on 12/31/2014

Please acknowledge this letter and 5 page attachment.

Please help end this nightmare which has prevented my life since 2007.

Please forward to all appropriate sources to reopen secretly closed investigations where they were deliberately botched by law enforcement to prevent any action by the AG or alternate law enforcement. 

Yes, I know and recognize that botched investigations are concealed by Attorney Client Privilege Rule 1.6… While my life is further terrorized.  Improperly enacted and unconstitutional Rule 1.6 Confidentiality of Information.

Please contact the governor’s office to encourage a meeting.

Only the Governor can call the Legislature to suspend the law.
The Senators and Reps have been blocked by leadership and prevented from  raising the issue.
The Judiciary cannot sua sponte raise or address the issue of their own undoing.

This requires the Governor to act.   I cannot get past the gatekeepers in OGC -lawyers.

Getting that meeting helps the AG as well as all Pennsylvanians and ALL Americans.

BTW, Donald Trump’s sister is on the 3rd Circuit Court where lawyers in the clerks office prevented the  judiciary from reviewing the matter. Rule 1.6 permits CONCEALING their deliberate fraud in the furtherance.  This interception/interference is handled through bar associations in every state and federal jurisdiction.

Please lets get this done.  You cannot imagine my fear after 10 years of this type of terror. 20% of my life has been affected by this injustice.  The American Bar Association membership profits from their confidential injustice.  Rule 1.6 is their doing.  It is their GOLDMINE.


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