I shall call it 1.6 …

like the unconstitutional confidentiality consuming itself in the Office of the Attorney General.

Where Confidentiality and Privilege override the rights protected by the US Constitution while THE PUBLIC TRUST required for the Judiciary is undermined by the lawyers.

Concealed by the lawyers.

Cases are intercepted by the lawyers.
– There is a bar associations at every major jurisdiction of state and federal courts.

While less than 10% of the population is affected by corruption of the courts, no one does anything… But, watch, and point, and ignore.

The Author of Rule 1.6… The American Bar Association deliberately removed ‘the fraud provisions’ from the rule.

Injustice is their GOLDMINE.

Where ALL LEGAL PROFESSIONALS are mandated to Confidentiality.

Where the Judiciary have found they made it illegal for them to remove their improperly enacted law.

Where the Legislature leadership have refused to permit discussion on the floor or in committees ( except Judiciary where the lawyers are determined to hide their unconstitutional corruption).

Where an Attorney General as a lawyer cannot expose the issue.

It falls to a Governor to identify the issue. And to then call the legislature with instructions to address it. ONLY the Legislature has authority to suspend a law.

An unconstitutional law is a law until it is not. Then, it never was.

Damn Good Thing Gov Tom Wolf is not a lawyer. By law, he, like me, is permitted to expose it. What is he waiting for?

Are his lawyers misleading him? The fraud provisions removed permit nondisclosure of ‘fraud in the furtherance’ by lawyers.

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