The willingness to do whatever is necessary to survive an attack against every aspect of life. Positive emotions contribute to psychological and physical well-being and continued psychological resilience (the ability to bounce back from negative events) by relying on positive emotional granularity.

Research indicates that finding ways to cultivate meaningful positive emotions is a critical necessity for physical and psychological functioning.  Positive emotional granularity is a mechanism by which resilient people achieve superior coping abilities.

In order to survive, it was necessary to construct relationships without trust.  The knowledge that these relationships had been created and manipulated by external forces and situations (which are beyond control of either party) made sincere communication impossible.

DESTITUTION: Lacking financial resources, the indignities and humiliations which must be endured to survive as you beg your way through life.  At the mercy of every form of insult. Where explanations are never offered. Yet, somehow finding a method which permits perseverance and IGNORES the personal and emotional aspects of the situation and the attack. 

When you know how you are being attacked, and recognize the tactics being utilized, it is possible to ignore the negative aspects and place greater emphasis on the positive aspects of events. I often referred to this as sending my spirit to Paris to escape until the ordeal was over.

Positive emotions play a crucial role in enhancing coping resources in the face of negative events. 

INTEGRITY contributes to a perseverance which at times can be unbearable.


without the basic necessities of life.

synonyms:pennilesspoor, impoverished, poverty-strickenimpecunious, without a cent/penny (to one’s name);
not having.

synonyms: devoid of, bereft of, deprived of, in need of; 

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